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10-4-13 Dead To The World, Blackmarket Syndicate.

10.9.13 We made it to Fitzgerald's to check out Dying Fetus, Exhumed and Waking the Cadaver.


Battle of the bands at Fitzgerald's!!

Scale The Summit & The Reign of Kindo.

1.18.14 HRA, Oath of Cruelty, Hel-Razor at Rudyard's

2.2.14 Fuglmanics made it to Fitzgerald's. Toxic Holocaust,Exhumed, Mammoth Grinder and Ramming Speed.

NEW*** Metal Bulletin #44

The new issue is here. As you already know prepare yourself for some new music and new bands. He even tells you where to get free stuff! Enjoy...


Last Bastion (U.S.) The Drip (U.S.) Wan (Sweden)
Sinaya (Brazil) Battleroar (Greece/Germany) Lie in Ruins (Finland) Gravehill (U.S.) Hour of Penance (Italy) Insain (France) UnKured (U.S.) Unisonic Schammasch (Switzerland) Bifröst (Austria) Nux Vomica (U.S.) Cultfinder (U.K.)


Judas Priest Debut At No. 1 On Top Rock Albums

Judas Priest 'Redeemer of Souls'

The rock icons concurrently notch their first top 10 on the Billboard 200.

After 40 years and 17 studio albums, Judas Priest score their highest-charting set. "Redeemer of Souls" marks the British heavy metal group's first leader on Top Rock Albums and first top 10 on the Billboard 200 (No. 6), selling 33,000 first-week copies (with physical sales accounting for 75 percent of total sales), according to Nielsen SoundScan.

The band's previous studio album established their prior best peaks: 2008's "Nostradamus" reached No. 5 on Top Rock Albums and No. 11 on the Billboard 200, starting with 42,000 sold. Judas Priest released their debut album "Rocka Rolla" in 1974 and first charted on the Billboard 200 in 1978 with "Stained Class" (No. 173 peak). Their only song to chart on the Hot 100 is 1982's "You've Got Another Thing Comin'" (No. 67).

"Redeemer" is the group's first set without co-founder K.K. Downing and with new guitarist Richie Faulkner.


Overkill - White Devil Armory 2014 ( rated: 7 )

seventeenth studio album by the American thrash metal band Overkill. Released through Nuclear Blast.

At last here we are again, Overkill has arrived. Any metal head will tell you that a serving of thrash is essential for a great fugly diet.

No better band to do that with then Overkill. After knowing what I want and expect from these guys the bar is set pretty high. Especailly after The Electric Age. Needless to say they have delivered as to be expected.

The production is great. The album is heavy, aggressive and fast at times but it does have alot of mid tempo structure.

The best part is Bobby'Blitz' Ellsworth vocals. This bastard has not lost any of his power, clarity and show no sign of slowing down. His rage and digusted screaming shines through the heavy riffs and demands your undivided attention. Listen to Pig...

This release however, does not make the top ten Overkill as some have suggested. That's nonsense!

Here is why I say that. Dave Linsk (lead guitar) & Derek "The Skull" Tailer (g) are not holding up their end. The riffs sound stale and unsipired and lead solos don't sound good in fact they sound out of place, ex. Bitter Pill. As if it's in there just to fill a void.

Bobby & DD are towing this albums together and Ron Lipnicki does a good job keeping up.

High point are XMD, Armorist, Down To The Bone, Pig, King Of The Rat Bastards.

Overall is an Overkill release and they do what they do well. Look at this way, now they have a reason to hit the road and come to a city near where is my Horrorscope cd!


Wasted Land (Saudi Arabia)
Ahmed Khojah, the guitarist from Wasted Land—who call themselves “melodic death metal”—recently responded to questions about the band and metal music in Saudi Arabia. Wasted Land released its debut “Wasted Land” in 2013, but the band has been around for years, persevering. It’s challenging to keep a metal band together anywhere, and Saudi Arabia presents a set of concrete and special circumstances, as Ahmed explains here. At the end there is a link where you can hear the complete album. Thanks to the band for making its music available this way on Soundcloud!
Wasted Land was formed in 2005, so you must feel very proud to finally have the album for everybody to hear!
Well, it was a relief! We waited too long to finish this record and went through a lot, but thanks god finally we did it. Actually, after all what we went through yes we are proud of this record indeed. After we finished or actually during recording most of band members got busy with things kept them away from music, some members got married, some started new business, you know life always keeps us busy from things we like! That's why we need music its always takes us away from all life commitments and routine. 

You live in Jeddah, an important city in Saudi Arabia. Are you one of the oldest metal bands in Jeddah or are there metal bands from the 90s, too? 
Actually, yeah, there were metal scene before in the 90s, there were like few bands, but since the beginning of the 2000s actually these bands increased and reached a good number here and in the whole country in general. 

What was happening in 2005 that you decided to form a band? Was it easy to buy instruments in Jeddah? I suppose that your neighbors were not pleased with loud drumming and loud guitars, ha ha!
Actually, we all started to gather and jam together before 2005, let’s say in beginning of 2002, we used to jam only and play covers, no bands no scene yet here in Jeddah, and we were a huge group of metalheads and musicians after that smaller groups formed, then it turned to be bands and Wasted Land formed this way in a small jam session! 
We were doing a folk/melodic death project, the feedback were awesome so we decided to start a band. Regarding instruments and stores in Jeddah, there are actually, but its very limited and few, you don't have many options, so most of metal musicians here buy their stuff online. Speaking of neighbors, yeah its a headache! It’s always hard to find a place to jam or rehearsal, but in our case we used to jam in an isolated room in one of our member's house backyard so we didn't have a problem.

Are there many opportunities to play live for metal bands in Jeddah or in Saudi Arabia in general? 
Unfortunately, it’s banned to play live here, specially metal or rock music, as you know, it’s considered the devil music. You will have to bring a license or permission from the government and I guess it’s no way to get that approval for such a thing. So we used to make private gigs and concerts in Jeddah, Dammam and Riyadh and still it was very risky and led us to several problems, so basically that's why the live metal scene here is kind of dead now.

Are Saudi women becoming involved in metal music? Yeah, I remember one female rock band from Jeddah and you can find a good number of female musicians and metalheads around Facebook and social media unveiled everything. 

Do you have plans for a second album? What do you think will happen with Wasted Land in 2014/15?
Yes, indeed, we have an idea we are working on lately or you can say a new theme. There are many riffs, melodies, materials in general on the shelf! But things are going slowly again with us so let’s hope we can make it up soon. We haven't planned yet, but we are coming back! As I said we have materials and ideas so why not! Let’s do it!! 
- -
FYI: Hear the complete album at Soundcloud.


26-minute FREE EP of thrash: Warbound Order (Greece)

if you are thrash-obsessed person, then this will help with your obsession:

26-minute FREE EP of thrash: Warbound Order (Greece)



Battleroar: Blood of Legends (Cruz del Sur Music)

Battleroar (Greece/Germany) manages a balance between traditional heavy metal and traditional epic doom metal, which is to say, to rock with a melancholic edge. It would not be so far off to call it “epic heavy metal of doom” with expertise in the department of songwriting; much care to guitar playing, to the singing and to the melodies. Consequently, the quality of the music is very impressive.

The guitar work shows an effort to deliver shredding, hard-hitting riffs, melodic hooks and energies that the metal audience easily recognizes. The band speaks fluently the language of metal and communicates the tradition of metal, from the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, the melancholy of traditional doom, the crunch of current traditional heavy metal, with a nod to more intense forms of metal, like thrash. One interesting detail: Battleroar has a substantial use of the violin. The results are effective: “Valkyries above Us,” for instance, reaches for symphonic doom and melody. The violin contribution to this album is essential, given the features, moods and layers added through said instrument.

Photo: CHANIA ROCK FESTIVAL 2014 (9/8)    BATTLEROARThe singing of Mr. Gerrit Mutz, he of Sacred Steel renown, seamlessly weaves in and out of various moods, coherently bringing to bear the wherewithal at his disposal: the metal-headbanging singing, the voices of the melancholic soul and intensity of a semi-death metal growl, the grit and the melody, the glory and doom. Musically, Battleroar sounds very, very different from the leather-and-spikes metal of Sacred Steel; this is more atmospheric and melodic. The singing is also substantially distinct, less aggressive and more multidimensional, more expressive, which is a big credit to Mr. Mutz for putting so much care and personality into Battleroar.

To end: highly recommended for those into traditional heavy metal looking for shredding, melody and quality, as well as a bit of a unique take on epic metal with power and doom elements.

Rigor Mortis New Album - SLAVES TO THE GRAVE

Help Texas Speed Metal pioneers, RIGOR MORTIS, bring to life their fourth, and final album - SLAVES TO THE GRAVE! Members of Ministry, GWAR, Warbest, Speedealer

Help Rigor Mortis release their fourth and final album!

click here to help:

So far they have raised $5,137 out of $20k with 50 days left. Any little bit helps .....They have several thank you gifts!!

Texas Speed Metal pioneers, Rigor Mortis are asking for your help to finance the recording and release of SLAVES TO THE GRAVE - their fourth and final album. 

On Dec 23rd, 2012 we lost our brother and founding member, guitarist Mike Scaccia. Mike suffered a massive heart attack onstage with Rigor Mortis and died doing what he loved, playing his music with his friends and for his friends. Fortunately, just days before he left us, Mike was able to put the finishing touches on his tracks for what would unfortunately be his, and Rigor Mortis', final... and unquestionably finest, studio record.

Recorded in Feb 2012 at Ministry's 13th Planet Studios in El Paso, Texas, STTG returns to the original first record line-up of Mike Scaccia - Guitars, Bruce Corbitt - Vocals, Harden Harrison - Drums, and Casey Orr - Bass. 

After shopping the record for months, we found that with no hope of touring to support the record, and no chance of a follow up album, labels were reluctant to release STTG. Though we received nothing but positive feedback, labels were fearful of not recouping their investment without an active band to promote the record. This, combined with the floundering record industry and sketchy economy, we decided we would be better off self releasing Slaves To The Grave, and reaching out to the Metal community to help us give this record the release it deserves.

In addition to the studio cd, the first 5,000 copies will include a "making of" dvd.

We have both physical and digital distribution in place, manufacturing facility secured, new and improved website and store launching, and high profile record release events planned.

The record is finished, the cover art is amazing, release date is set for Oct. 7th, 2014. All we need is funding. We're shooting for a goal of $20,000. The money will go towards paying off our our recording debt (studio, engineers, travel, mastering), as well as  artwork, packaging, manufacturing, distribution, and promotion. If we go past that goal, the money will go towards additional promotion, etc. as well as other Rigor Mortis projects such as re-pressing and re-releasing the back catalogue, vinyl releases, and new merch.

We're offering a ton of cool incentives, like signed copies of the cd/dvd, LPs, posters, T shirts, hoodys, patches, stickers, shot glasses, flasks, original artwork, merch bundles, and much more! We will keep adding rewards throughout the campaign.

So please, help if you can, and if moneys tight, then help us spread the word! We can't wait for the world to hear what we feel is our greatest work - SLAVES TO THE GRAVE! 



Rigor Mortis formed in 1983 in Arlington, Texas and immediately became a driving force in the original wave of North Texas Metal. With the emphasis on speed and the subject matter steeped in horror and gore, Rigor stood out as extreme intimidators, on and off stage. Starting out as a 3 piece composed ofMike Scaccia on guitar, Harden Harrison on drums, and Casey Orr on bass, the band added vocalist Bruce Corbitt in ’86 and quickly signed toCapitol Records, releasing their classic self titled debut record in ’88. Two years later, Corbitt left the band and Doyle Bright came in on vocals. Rigor went on to release two more records; FREAKS, on Metal Blade Records andRIGOR MORTIS vs. THE EARTH, on Triple X Records.

In 1991 Mike accepted an offer to join Ministry as well as Revolting Cocks, et al. Rigor Mortis was no more, but the four members remained close friends and supported each others’ endeavors. Mike continued working with Ministry off and on over the years, as well as appearing on countless other projects. For the last several years Mike had also become a rep and clinician for Gibson Guitars. Casey Orr joined shock rockers, GWAR, where he remained off and on from ’94 until mid 2011, in addition to working with a long list of other bands including Blohole (with Scaccia), Speedealer (with Harrison), The Burden Brothers, and The Hellions, to name a few. Harden Harrison went on to play drums with PervisSpeedealerMitra, and most recently Hint Of Death. Bruce Corbitt formed DFW supergroup, Texas Metal Alliance, which evolved into the mighty Warbeast, releasing 2010’s “Krush The Enemy”, and 2013’s “Destroy”, both on Phil Anselmo’s Housecore Records. Casey would joinWarbeast in Feb. 2013. Doyle Bright is currently playing guitar with Atlanta metal vets Hallows Eve.

In 2005, the original lineup of Scaccia, Orr, Harrison, and Corbitt reunited for was to be just a short run of shows. This, of course, led to more shows and talk of a new record. With all 4 members active with other projects and their personal lives, it took a while for the pieces to all fall into place, but in early February 2012, the band entered 13th Planet Studios in El Paso, and recorded their 4th album, SLAVES TO THE GRAVE.

On December 22nd, 2012, while playing onstage with Rigor Mortis in celebration of Bruce’s 50th birthday, Mike Scaccia suffered a sudden and massive heart attack. He was pronounced dead a short time later, after midnight on the 23rd. Rigor Mortis was over. The impact that Mike had on all that knew him is immeasurable. In life he touched us all with his talent and his sense of humor and his friendship. His passing changes everything for many of us. There will never be a fifth Rigor Mortis record. We will never play another show together as Rigor Mortis. Worst of all we’ll never laugh the way we used to. 

But we will keep the flame burning. For Mike, for his family, for ourselves, and for the fans.

Rigor Mortis is dead. Long Live Rigor Mortis! 

5.19.14 Deathhammer (Norway) live at Walters

On this particular monday there were two shows, Primal Fear or Deathhammer. We decided to go with Deathhammer since this is their first time in the U.S. as far we know. We figured hell if they made the effort to come to Houston,Texas the least we can do is show some support for old school thrash from Norway.

Deathhammer was formed in 2005, in Norway (Hamar/Grimstad) by Sergeant Salsten (Guitar, bass, vocals) and Sadomancer (Drums, backing vocals). Bands lyrical themes are about zombies, death and blasphemy. They released three demos and two full-length albums.

Everytime we go one of these shows (first timers) the bands are eager to put on a great show. Deathhammer was no exception. They were full of energy and read to destroy ...enjoy!!






5.19.14 We were lucky enough to make to Mango's for the Destroying Texas fest 9....[read more]

Blaspherian is a band from Missouri City, Texas. Have you had your black metal today? No...that's ok that's ok let us fix you right up. [read more....]

Morgengrau is a old school death/speed metal band from Austin, Texas. [read more...]

Nethermost is a band from Laredo, Texas. They have a melodic doom/death metal sound.They currently have two releases Alpha (2013) & War of the Wretched (2014) [read more.....]


HoustonPress did an article on Houston's own - more.


Anvil, Burn The Boats, ASS, Mercury Cure live at Fitzgerald's 4.15.14

Fuglymaniacs was made it to the Anvil show. Apparently Anvil is dead. The crowd was small and energy was quiet. Problem is nobody told Anvil to show up and rock the crowd to sleep. They were ready to party and they had had lots of energy and plenty of metal.

Anvil was entertaining and they rocked the placed. Steve "Lips" Kudlow (g,v) Robb Reiner (drums) Sal Italiano (bass) Steve has a great, silly attitude and great stories to tell between sets. Robb did a killer drum solo. Hell there's even guitar playing with a vibrator.. [read more]


First let talk about the supporting bands.

Burn the Boats was the third band. They are a Houston band that has been around for a while now. These guys mean business and they are good, but [read more..]

Second band is ASS this a new band from Bryan & Austin,TX. They recently... [read more]

The first band to open the show was The Mercury Cure. TheyThe Mercury Curehave a self described "Van Halen sound and they just want to fuckin' rock." Lucky for them Kelly is on guitars & Darren on drums (formerly of Carry The Storm) so there is plenty of shredding. They even did a cover of 'Hot For Teacher."They've been jammin' since November so they are new band....see for yourself.



More footage coming from this show...ASS, Burn The Boats & Anvil...


Zakk Wilde: “I don’t know how to play guitar.”