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**NEW** Metal Bulletin #52

Stargazery (Finland), Ecthyma (Peru), Posthum (Norway),Ensiferum (Finland), Renegade (Italy), Theories (Seattle),Melechesh [a contribution by Matt Spall, Man of Much Metal]

Once again MMB delivers......enjoy!!

[black metal] Divahar (Armenia)


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Here’s one for those into black metal with a symphonic/gothic feel. Divahar is a black metal band from Armenia. Listening to the album, it’s clear that Divahar is a very promising band with a bright future, as long as there is an audience that supports this black metal band. Unfortunately, there is not much information that Metal Bulletin Zine can give you about metal from Armenia, aside from naming some bands and albums.

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Be that as it may, this is Divahar, this is metal from Armenia today and if you are the type that is always seeking to hear new bands, listen to the album.


Very good news: the complete album is available on YouTube, so there’s no excuse for not checking the music out.


2.28.15 We decided to go to Rudyard's and catch some live music..

I guess we are getting old & fugly cause this show started at almost midnight which by the way is too late for us. Considering doors were at 9p. Good thing they have cold Shiner on tap.

Speaking of old and fugly. The first band on stage was Fat Stupid Ugly People this is a 3 piece band Spawned from the ditch, next to the railroad tracks, where the toxic waste of the Southeast Louisiana Refineries flow into the Mississippi River, came one of the most intense bands to ever explode upon the Louisiana Underground Music Scene. I present to you, Fat Stupid Ugly People.(facebook)


Second band was Mower from Pittsburgh, PA. These are two brothers that love to raise some hell. They just recently added a bassist. Well, these guys apparently love Motorhead. We enjoy their filthy,raunchy sound. No points for originality but we dont care.....THIS AINT NO BEAUTY PAGEANT PEOPLE, JUST ROCK & ROLL!!


Mower was done a little after 1 am. There was 2 or 3 more bands coming up but fankly SLEEP is high in our priority list.

Fuglymaniacs would suggest....Don't start shows at midnight !! Not a bad night of new music.

Brain Damage (ex-Vendetta) This is Metal Bulletin Zine’s interview with heavy metal/thrash band Brain Damage from Germany.

Below is this zine’s original review of Brain Damage’s album. The review explains a bit about the band, and after the review is the new interview, which Micky (vocals/guitars) answered.

Brain Damage (Germany): Born to Lose … Live to Win Brain Damage is the brainchild of former vocalist/ guitarist of 80s thrashers Vendetta (Germany) (on Noise Records) Michael “Micky” Werner. While Vendetta did not reach the level of success of Kreator, Sodom and Destruction, the two albums “Go and Live … Stay and Die” (1987) and “Brain Damage” (1988) are albums that I listen to on a regular basis, and hold in high regard, and would recommend to anyone into 80s thrash.

Vendetta is still active today, but without the main figures of Micky and Daxx (also vocals/guitars), and with only the bass player from the old days, Heiner, today’s Vendetta is a different band in sound and vibe, as reviews have pointed out already in the past. In my opinion, this band here Brain Damage carries on very well the values of old Vendetta: thrash that does not forsake melody; social criticism; the Vendetta songwriting vibe; and the familiar vocals. I have been listening to the album a lot and
find a good quality recording with memorable songs.

Actually, I find the album to be very good. I did not know what to expect, as I don’t know what Micky has been doing. Metal Archives does not list a bunch of activity between 1990, when he left Vendetta, and 2014, when the album was released. It does appear that Brain Damage is something that Micky had been working on for years on his own, and he plays everything on the album, except for the drums. The band started out as a solo project, the band is unsigned and the album is self-produced. I was able to find the album on Amazon and got it there, as it is very reasonably priced.
I’m certainly glad that I got the album. Brain Damage is relatively varied between thrash and a bit more melodic metal, and it shows a serious effort to have good guitar work. This better not be the last thing we hear from Brain Damage!

Those into traditional heavy metal and thrash should give this album a chance. It’s about 40 minutes, eight songs; quality, not quantity; no filler. Contact:
How are things going for Brain Damage now, Micky? Were you pleasantly surprised or were you disappointed with people's reaction to Brain Damage?

I actually sort out my ideas for the songs of the forthcoming album. During the last few years I made so many song-ideas, they would be enough for a double-cd, but first I have to analyse them. The reactions to “Born to lose...” have been entirely positive. It seems, we still know how it works ;)
You did a lot of work for Brain Damage before it became a band. Were you not interested in having a full band? Or, did you have too many responsibilities of family and work to have a band?

2003-2006 I did a second education for the job of a “media-creator” (maybe you would just say “producer”) for audio and video. During this time I had a band-project, called “Suicide Nation”, but it already died after the first live-show. Then I established a little sound- studio and produced live-videos to earn money for my family of five. My children are 9, 17 and 18 years of age. But I always had in mind to found a new line-up again, - a real band, either able to play live-shows. 2012 the time was ripe. Surely it would have been great playing together with Daxx again, but he's not able to do this because of health problems.

Are there offers for Brain Damage to play shows in Germany and Europe? Are you interested in working with a record company? In April 2015 we play in Dettelbach/Würzburg at the “Franconia Metal Festival”, together with Sodom, Korpiklaan, Dew Scented, Die
Apokalyptischen Reiter, The Flesh Trading Company and others.

The second of May we play in Andernach/Koblenz on the “A Chance For Metal Festival” (with Edge Of Thorns, Desaster, Dragonsfire etc.). Apart from that we concentrate on recording the new album and start to play live again in fall. If we can't get a deal with a record company, we plan to establish a label on our own. With the media “Internet” you have a real chance to distribute your product by yourself. How would you describe the lyrics for Brain Damage in comparison with 80s Vendetta? Is it correct that you are still not a big friend of capitalism and politicians? You have written about anarchy. Is it frustrating to find that things do not seem to change?

I think the lyrics of today are more critical and direct, no wonder, if you look around! We live in a so-called Social State, but they exploit the common man, while the greed for money of the bigwigs has no end. Anarchy surely was a well-meant concept, but I think it won't work. There's too many different opinions in the population, so it's hard for any system to function without probs. With “Anarchy” we exaggerate a little bit just to criticize and polarize and either bait the reader. Politicians are the puppets of the economy. Economical interest is the reason for so many wars. Innocent people die because of an endless greed for money of the politicians and their masters.

Changing the topic a bit here. Can you explain how you first started out in music?
1980 I played bass and vocals in my first band “Rank Xerox”. We only played cover-versions (Ramones, Motörhead, Neil Young, Judas etc.). In 1983 I met the drummer Samson, and
we founded Vendetta.

At this time our influences were Iron Maiden, Motörhead, Scorpions, Deep Purple and so on. Especially in the first years of my guitar playing time, Scorpions was the biggest influence for me. Scorpions was and maybe still is the greatest German metal band. Later on, when Daxx entered the band, he brought influences like Metallica and Slayer. He also was a Venom- Fan, but I didn't like them so much. In my opinion they just tried to top the loudness and dirtiness of Motörhead, but they simply couldn't.

Vendetta was on Noise Records. Do you have some good memories from those days? You probably have some bad ones, too. By the way, did you know the other bands on the label, like Kreator and Scanner?

Noise was a company known worldwide, and we actually were proud to have a contract with them. The recording time of our first two albums was a beautiful experience. We spent several weeks in Berlin, the divided city and a burning point in history. Our only food had been Döner Kebab and Pizza, which we had right at the wall. The famous “Checkpoint Charly” was our neighbourhood for this time. With “Tankard” we had a lot of fun, when we shared the tour-bus for a few days. Daxx and Gerre (the leadsinger of Tankard) were drinking vodka like it's going out of style ;) Gerre couldn't start the show next night, without having visited the doctor! With “Helloween” we actually had our first big show, which was great!

You were in Vendetta from 1984 to 1990. What happened that you decided to leave? Daxx left Vendetta his first time in 1990 for private reasons. Andre Klein took over his place for a year. But after that we had to realize that Daxx, as the main songwriter,

simply couldn't be replaced. So Samson and Heiner founded the groove-metal-combo P.O.K.E. (Product Of Keen Energy) together with Daxx. In 1995 Vendetta's reunion occurred. We tried to develop a new style: a fusion of groove and thrash, and we recorded a 3-track-demo-cd with the songs Shine/La Pura Vida/Drowned. But I was the first to realize that this way of fusion-metal was the wrong one.

This wasn't Vendetta any more, so I quit. The following 4 years were just for my family.
Do you regret leaving Vendetta and giving up the name of the band? Was it not strange for you and Daxx to leave the band that you were the songwriters and leaders for? No, I don't. Sure, it would be much easier with the famous name, I can't deny that. But having a new name, I'm able to do new things; nobody is actually waiting for the “Real Vendetta Sound”, you know.

(Daxx) That's the prob that the new Vendettas have. Everybody wants the Old-School-Typical- Vendetta-Sound, and they just can't deliver. At first it was kinda strange to see other persons playing our songs, having our name, but we both decided to leave, and so it is the right of the “left behinds” (Heiner and Lubber) to keep the band alive.
Daxx seems to have returned to Vendetta from 2002 to 2005. But you, Micky, did not. Can you explain this? Did you talk with Daxx about this?
(Micky) Daxx was at Vendetta again from 1995-2005. After I had left, we had no contact for years. Everybody did his own thing. Since 2008 we actually have close contact again and I'm happy about that. (Daxx)

After Micky had left, all the work of the group was on me: song-writing, teaching the band the new songs, leading the practise every week etc. etc. End of 2004 I had kinda burn- out-syndrome, so I had to quit. The plan was that I'll return, but I decided that it's better for me and my health not to come back. Now I'm composing songs and write lyrics for others (Brain Damage/Paradox/Vendetta) and that's good for me.

Vendetta in the 80s Do you consider Daxx as a brother? Both of your voices complemented each so well and it seems you almost had one mind when it came to songwriting. For sure we are brothers! I'm really happy about having musical contact with Daxx again. On the “Born to lose...” album there's one song, we wrote together (Shooter), and one song, Daxx (his real name's Achim Hömerlein) wrote for us. This song's called “Terrorizer”. And we actually have planed to record one or maybe two songs from Daxx on the forthcoming album.


What else can you tell us about Brain Damage for 2015? By the way, after you made the 2014 album, have you heard from old friends?
At the time I sort out all the ideas, I collected over the last few years. Two songs are already finished; they just have to be recorded without any faults ;)

They are called “War Crime” and “Walk On The Ridge”. The 3rd one has not a title yet, but Daxx is writing the lyrics right at the moment. One thing is still clear: the new album will be more varied and experimental as the 1st. When the recordings are done, we try to get some live-shows. All our friends and acquaintances have been talking very well about our début. Most of 'em told me, they see it as the continuation of the old Vendetta sound. Seems logical to me, because there's two former Vendetta- songwriters working on it ;)

Thanks for answering the questions. It's good to have you back!
(Micky & Daxx) Thank you very much! Thanx for the interview and for your appreciation! Bye bye :) THE END


VENOM - From the Very Depths / Spinefarm Records (2015)


From the Very Depths is Venom's fourteenth studio album.

when we heard Venom had a new album it brighten our day with anticipation. Needless to say we enjoy the hell out this release, Its a good one.

First, a word from our "fugly guy" ...If your still waiting for the old Venom sound & line-up move along. Those days are gone and if you can move passed that then go fly a kite and quit your bitching! Yes, we know you are a true, elite metalhead ....

We're back, as we were saying this albums delivers. The production its top notch, the speed and heavyness is there. Cronos still sounds good. Their sound is a bit more progressive with blaring guitar solos coming in and out like a drone dropping bombs on a locked target.


Some would dismiss this as not being a Venom trait. You would be right. If you play long enough you will actually become pretty good at your craft. Yes, Rage is showing off his skills and some will hate that. Cronos bass sounds filthy and Dante thundering drums sound great. We like this trait better than sounding old and lame. It's 2015 people lets move forward the 80's are long gone and in the rear view mirror fading fast.

Tracks that stand out: From the Very Depths, Smoke, Long Haired Punks, Evil Law, Grinding Teeth, Wings of Valkyrie.

Truth be told we like it all. Support Venom.

Battle Beast – Unholy Savior 

2015 Starts off with a new band to us Battle Beast. These guys have been around since 2008 and are a big deal in Finland apparently with many accolades from winning battle of the bands contest to chart toppers...

Battle Beast - Unholy Savior

They are capable musicians with two other albums under their belts.

Unholy Savior is a release that will confuse the listener.

They are all over the place with their europower metal influence to club pop rock ballads.




They are trying to cover alot gound with one albums. Funky keyboard driving pop song like "Touch me in the Night" and "Angels Cry" outright embarrassing.

We are jaded and ugly so we are probabbly NOT the people to enjoy this BUT if you like Wisconsin Cheddar (we do in our food!) cheese topping off that fried twinkie with a touch of power sugar you came to the right place...enjoy!

2015 is off to a weak start but we got Napalm Death,Hate,UDO,Venom to look forward too...YES!!

11.4.14 Dead Label! at Rudyard's.

Dead Label!Dead Label! just got done recording their new album "Throne of Bones" due out early 2015.. After realizing they still had over a month left in their visas they decided to hit the road. They are due out of the country Nov. 29th 2014. Little did they know you can drive for days and still not reach your destination. They have hit Oregon, Washington, Wyoming, Florida just to name a few states.

They drove over twenty hours to Texas do a gig in Houston. San Antonio & Dallas here they come. We are glad we made it to this show. All three in their mid 20's with a burning desire to get their name out there. Showing the american metal heads what they are all about. After listening to 'Sense of Slaughter' I realized that this band is built to play live.

These guys and gal (Claire-Drums) are built for speed. They are aggressive, fast and loud. Calire on drums has a thundering sound and Dan on vocals is vicious. Danny is the man in charge of delivering the shredd....

Setlist: Throne of Bones, Salvation in Sacrifice, Are you Ready To Kill?, Ominous, Sense of Slaughter, Exhume The Venom, Void




 Dead Label! just wants to play live infront of you! Is that simple. Trust us when we say they kick ass live, After the NEW album drops "Throne of Bones" they are hoping to get back here with an official tour. The way we figure, if they are good enough to win Ireland's battle of the bands contest and good enough to open for Machine Head they MUST be doing something & your LUCK with change!

The band started in November '08. Competed in and won the All Ireland Battle of the Bands "The Crypt Trials" in October 2009. Recorded our debut Self-Titled E.P. in October 2010. Releasing our debut album "Sense of Slaughter" via Nuerra Records March 2013. New album "Throne of Bones" coming early 2015 (Facebook page)

Members: Dan O' Grady--Bass and Vocals











Danny Hall-Guitar

Claire Percival--Drum

Hometown: Celbridge, Ireland

Hod (U.S.): Book of the Worm (Arctic Music Group)


Hod 'Book of the Worm' CD

Given that Hod’s last studio album “Serpent” is from 2009, and that it wasn’t always clear that this new one would ever be published, I can tell you that this material sounds carefully crafted and ready for scrutiny. Hod works with riffs that the listener into this style will notice for the quality and effort. You see, the Texas metal veterans are old-minded, experienced when it comes to their black/thrash/death metal. To me, Hod takes Possessed’s spirit of “Seven Churches” and the ire of Thornspawn, for a sound between black/thrash/death, war metal and black metal. Speaking of Possessed, Hod’s first track “When the Ghouls Feed” channels the classic Possessed trait of song intro buildup (as found on “Burning in Hell” or “Holy Hell), but Hod extends the beginning chaos moments, and then unleashes the storm. The band has undoubtedly listened to “Seven Churches” about a million times (notice the guitar tone); add to that the fact that the guitarist Carl Snyder recorded with black metallers Thornspawn from 1997 to 2007 (according to Metal Archives) and you hear Thornspawn’s toxic mix of war and black metal (like “Blood of the Holy, Taint Thy Steel” or “Wrath of War”).

The best thing about Hod is the attention to the songwriting. The band’s lyrics and image would lead you to believe that they are low-life alcoholic unemployed stupid-dangerous hobos on probation, in other words, talentless hacks and worthless trainhopping squatter bums, but the Hod-men are devoted to their field. There is no way that the guitars or songs could be this way without an obsession for detail. You don’t just get up in the morning and “write” these songs drunk and watching television, like some sort of one-note core or groove knuckledragging homeboywalkrespect “metal.” Listen to Hod and compare the riffs, general guitar work, vocals and songs with your favorite 2014 albums so far and you’ll notice that Hod has many qualities that reveal a metal intelligence that is hidden behind the band’s image. Let’s not kid around, Hod is skillful metal that comes from years of serious knowledge and a high IQ in metal.


Noble Beast (U.S.): Noble Beast (Tridroid Records)

Do you speak power metal? Well, Noble Beast does! Noble Beast is a “Blind Guardian, Jr.” with a vengeance of ice and snow from the land of ten thousand lakes. Hansi Kürsch-like vocals are at the forefront and the band plays early blindguardianesque fast, thrashy/speedy power metal. Ok, I do not have a legal document of confession from the band, but either I like Blind Guardian too much or Noble Beast likes Blind Guardian too much, or both. For this reason, you should hear the singing with your own ears and see if you like it, given the peculiarity of Kürsch-style vocals. As for the music, the band celebrates with fireworks and unicorns the heritage of heavy metal. The band sounds like they have been working for years on coming up with the perfect power metal shredding and melodies. They present a question to you, dear listener: How much do you like power metal? Well, if you are madforcrazy about it, this band from Minnesota, U.S. would like for you to give the music a listen. You will have stories to tell, and they will, too, because it’s you they like, ugga mugga.

11.2.13 Fuglymaniacs made to Fitzgeralds to see one of Houston's best local band that have managed to make it big . Scale The Summit & The Reign of Kindo.

At the end of 2006, Scale The Summit moved to Letchford's home town of Houston, Texas, where they released their self-released debut album, Monument. They slowly started to gain attention from magazines such as Kerrang, Rock Sound and Amp. A couple years later in 2009 they signed with Prosthetic Records and began working on their second album, Carving Desert Canyons. The release of the second album was extremely successful, earning the band a spot on the 2008 Progressive Nation Tour with Dream Theater. After a couple more years of touring in late 2010 to recorded The Collective.

Presently, they are starting a brand new world headlining tour in Houston. We are glad we made it to this show. The Migration is their new album and it's a great one. We wonder however, they can really sound that great live? The precision delivered in each song it's off the charts. The way Chris Letchford handles his guitar is amazing. All the musicians in the crowd were paying attention.

In some cases it felt more like a guitar clinic for those that aspire to be great with their own guitar.

Scale The Summit - Setlist for 11.2.13 Houston, Texas

Glacial Planet, Odyssey, Atlas Novus, Dark Horse, Dunes, Whales, The Levitated, Oracle, Evergreen, The Great Plains, Willow, Traveler, The Olive Tree, Narrow Salient.

Taken directly from them....

The Reign of Kindo is a band from Buffalo, New York signed to Candyrat Records.

According to the band's Facebook page, the members describe themselves simply as, "makers of music".Their style is altogether jazzier than most bands in the genre, "mixing complex jazz harmonies and dissonances with a Pop music influence. According to the band's recording studio videos, posted on YouTube by rpoland, they incorporate several other instruments in some of their songs, such as the Cello, the Tenor Saxophone, and many forms of auxiliary percussion. Examples of songs with these instruments include "Bullets in The Air", "Hold Out", and "City Lights and Traffic Sounds".

This band is new to us but their fans love these guys. They have a very easy listening feel incorporated with a little bit of rock. The crowd could not get enough...Enjoy!

Overall it was a good night of music...until next time stay tuned