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Hello, fugly people we are back with updated stuff. Just trying to keep up with MMB.

Here is some more stuff we like. Check it out you just might dig it...

Todays's menu: thrashy, fast and classic. YUM!

Violent Definition - Life Sentence (Full Album, 2018)


Wytch Hazel - II: Sojourn (2018)


Metal Bulletin#156

Prezir, Lost Tribes of the Moon,
Verminlord Morrow.

also in this issue: Madder Mortem, Arallu, Revocation.


Lost Tribes of the Moon (2018)


Metal Bulletin#155

Gatekeeper, P.H.O.B.O.S., Anisoptera, Hyperdontia.

The Rise and Fall of Rock and Roll in the 1950s (The Blues and Heavy Metal, Part 4)

MMB is still educating the masses.

Here is a sample: MB#155 has the full article. Read on..

Caucasian record store owner in Cleveland, Ohio by the name of Leo Mintz notices that more and more Caucasian youth browse through the section of records by African-American rhythm and blues artists at his Record Rendezvous record store, even though at this time U.S. Caucasian youth are afraid to buy the “race records” of Black musicians.

Mintz befriends a Caucasian radio disc jockey named Alan Freed and talks to him about what he’s seeing at his record store. Mintz has a role in convincing Freed to begin playing these rhythm and blues records in 1951. Freed’s cool on-air personality and the combination of the exciting, youthful music makes his radio show a hit. Freed begins using the term “rock and roll” to describe the music that he’s playing on his show.


Metal Bulletin#154

Parius, Artizan, Morgengrau, Images of Eden

also in this issue: Temperance, Siege of Power, Infera Bruo, Downpour, Satan, Axe Steeler

Just in case you are not familiar with Morgengrau. We have some stock footage to give an idea of their brutality!

Morgengrau live in Houston,TX back in 2014 brutal then brutal still...



As for us, we have some stuff we would like to pass on to you and see if YOU like it...

Malison - Malison (2018)

Malison was born on January 17th, 2014 after a chance encounter at SDSU between Mario Lovio former drummer Sebastian Vazquez. 

Malison is hoping to reach the heavy metal community with a revival of clean vocals, complementing the classic sound and feel of the 1980s, with a contemporary edge for originality. 

The galloping bass lines, clean vocals, and melodic harmony encompasses Malison's vision for a new, unique sound. 

The band released their self-titled debut album through Combat Records on June 1st, 2018 and is playing an upcoming tour. (FB-p)

Fuglymaniacs likes this 2018 release!


Band: Malison

Album: Malison

Country: USA

Label: Combat Records

Tracklist: 1. Beyond The Sun 2. Malison 3. The Architect 4. The Protocol 5. Death Crawlers 6. Nightmare: Pursuit 7. Winds of War 8. Seeker

Lineup: Steven Rondina - Vocals, Bass Mario Lovio - Guitars Nick Mafi - Drums Lead guitars on all tracks except 3, 5 and 7 by Danny Fang.


Idle Hands - Don't Waste Your Time [EP] (2018)

From the ashes.....aaah who gives a shit? just listen loud. Enjoy!

Image may contain: text


Band Members:

Gabriel Franco - Vocals, Guitar(former Spellcaster-bassist)
Sebastian Silva - Lead Guitar
David Kimbro - Bass Guitar
Colin Vranizan - Drums

Hometown: Portland, OR

Record Label: Lone Fir Records

2018 not looking so bad after all...imagine that. Cheers, rock on - fuglylads!




Don't laugh!! (ok a little giggle is fine)

White Wizzard - Infernal Overdrive (M-Theory Audio)

Related imageThe reason we we said don't laugh is because this band is a drama induce theater of pain project.

Is Jon Leon a narcissist? We don't know or care.

We are surprised however, somehow he manages to glue this band together.

Having said that, ignore the band's bullshit and just listen to the music.

Jon Leon earlier this year announced the return of classic members, vocalist Wyatt “Screaming Demon” Anderson and guitarist James J. LaRue, to the ranks of White Wizzard.

Exactly our point. They've come full circle apparently.


Here is what “The Screamin’ Demon” had to add:

“Sometimes, people have to take a step back to gain perspective of their lives. That’s what I did. I didn’t see myself getting what I had always wanted out of a band at the level that White Wizzard was. I didn’t like being told what to do, not realizing that it was not only for the benefit of the band, but also for my benefit. Once I had stepped back, though, I began to see that I WAS getting what I had always wanted, it was just coming at a slower rate than what I had expected. Most people who dream of being in a professional band, spend their lives in pursuit of that dream, and never even come close; and I had just given it up. Fortunately, there is a silver lining to this story. White Wizzard and I have reconciled our differences, and I am proud to say that I will once again be handling the vocal duties. This is going to be an exciting time for all in the White Wizzard camp, and I look forward to seeing all of you fans out there once again.”

Infernal Overdrive, the band’s fourth full-length album. White Wizzard continues on the bands original template. Serious guitar shredding and great singing. With their catchy hooks and awesome guitar leads we are enjoying this quiet a bit. No keyboards that get in the way or symphonic nonsense. Just a rocking metal release. Enjoy it!

Image may contain: 4 people, people standing, shoes and nightWyatt "Screaming Demon" Anderson - Vocals
Jon Leon - Bass and guitars
James J LaRue - Lead guitars and Keyboards/Orchestration
Dylan Marks - Drums

knowing this band they will make it thru half of their 2018 tour cycle and BAM! some shit goes down Jon will be pissed......

Tengger Cavalry - "Cian Bi"  (Napalm Records)

Tengger Calvary is new to the fulgyclan. They have been around for a while totally out of our radar.

Their seventh album in almost as many years.

It's time to see if the New York-based group delivers considering we didn't know what to expect.

Turns out this guys are a Nomadic Folk Metal / Mongolian Folk Metal band. What the hell? Mongolian Folk metal? Seriously. Yes, its true.

Tengger Cavalry, or "the army of sky god", With their mix of throat singing, Mongolian fiddle and Central Asian instruments, sprinkle in nu and industrial metal elements and you have "Cian Bi"


Having said that, we are enjoying the ride. It's a journey for your ears. All the different folk elements front and center with the metal sound in the back. Takes a while to get a feel or wrap your mind around everything this album is throwing at you. It's so different.

It's Heavy, melodic and the textures that the overtone singing and the vocals create a particular dynamic for each song.

The band’s Nature G says: "On this album, we used the concept of the Cian Bi tribe, to express the idea of multi-culture development, acceptance of diversity and individual freedom".

Production does feel choppy though. Some parts have a copy and paste vibe as they don't flow correctly? Maybe it's just us.

Tengger Calvary delivers a very diverse heavy metal album. Give them a chance and hear for yourself.

Image result for tengger cavalry band line up 2018

Band Members
Nature - Morin Khuur, Vocal
Ulziimuren - Morin Khuur, Vocal
Pat - Guitar
Ray - Bass
James - Drum


VOODOO CIRCLE - Raised on Rock (AFM Records)

Been listening to this release for a while now. Come to find out, something is seriously wrong with our music taste. maybe?

lets see..

Related image

Voodoo Circle. The German band teased on their facebook page in October that they had begun recording their fifth album for AFM Recordswith “Mr. X“.


On January 27th, the band finally revealed his identity in this Facebook post:

Here we are… with the announcement many of you have been waiting for….

VOODOO CIRCLE‘s new vocalist in none other than the fabulous… *drumroll*… HERBIE LANGHANS! You probably know Herbie from his participation in Avantasia and Sinbreed. We’re very happy that he decided to become a part of the Voodoo Circle and we’re looking forward to release a great new album together this year!

Image result for voodoo circle

Band Members
ALESSANDRO DEL VECCHIO - Keyboards & Vocals,
MAT SINNER - Bass & Vocals

Needless to say the radio charts is eating up like cotton candy. Here's our math:

German heavy metal band.check

Good guitar player.check

Good vocalist.check.

Rocking riffs & clean singing vocals = Lame in a box?

This doesn't add up?

Yet somehow we are not feeling this release. Feels dated. Dated? Is that even possible? 1987 maybe. Whitesnake/John Sykes maybe.

Loved that album so how come this doesn't tickle our fancy. Are we are in the minority here?

Classic heavy metal fans will enjoy this!



Kaos Reign - Epiphany. Release date 4.2.2018

Their bandcamp states...

Kaos Reign was formed in the Winter of 2013 by Bill Klopfer (Guitars/Vocals) and Chris Anderson (Drums). They unleashed their debut full-length album, “Embrace the Fire” in 2014 which featured crushing guitars, gritty vocals, and thrash/groove drumming. Two years later in 2016, Kaos Reign returned with, “Screaming for Salvation” which consists of continuous well-structured metal compositions that show off the progression of their original sound. 

Kaos Reign is back once again and excited to announce their 3rd full-length album, “Epiphany”, which has really upped the ante with a more positive, diverse, cathartic approach. This new album has everything from an all-out intricate thrasher to a glass shattering doom cliffhanger and everything in between. While this album moves Kaos Reign’s trademark heavy sound forward, its fresh material is more refined and dynamic. 

Bill Klopfer’s vocals are versatile while his riffs are memorable and captivating. Bass player Matt Duggan rounds out the sound with the execution of his distinctive bass lines and Chris Anderson’s extreme drumming portrays confidence and style. Lyrics touch on themes of inner struggle, determination to overcome, and societal issues. The songs encourage us to proceed with caution and understand the chaos that consumes us. 
Image may contain: 3 people, people standing, tree, outdoor and nature
“Epiphany” comes out on April 2, 2018. Kaos Reign is currently booking shows in the New England and Tri-State area of the U.S. 


releases April 2, 2018 

Bill Klopfer- Guitar/Vocals 
Matt Duggan- Bass 
Chris Anderson- Drums

Our take:

Here are Fuglymaniacs we are glad to see that Kaos Reign is still alive and kicking. We know life has a way of kicking you in the balls.

We would like to thank them for sending us their new album no strings attached.

We can be harsh sometimes on bands. In the words of Suicidal Tendencies ....just because we don't like it. It don't mean it ain't no good.

We get labels/promoters/bands that send us one or two songs and want feedback. We are polite around here so we'll just ignore them.

Sorry about the rant...back on point.

Epiphany has this band moving forward. We have notice that their sound is still evolving. We have been jamming to it quite a bit.

Moving forward as a band can be a double edge sword. Once they find a niche is hard to change afraid of pissing off their base. We say fuck it! go for it.

Kaos Reign has done that. We are enjoying the new wrinkles in the music. Clean vocals work and the raw sound and power is still there.

Keep up the good work!

check 'em out. Here is the link.



Metal Bulletin #142

Grethor (U.S.) Zifir(Turkey) Revenge (Colombia) Rapture (Greece) Visigoth (U.S.)


Visigoth - Conqueror's Oath

Metal Blade Records 9 February 2018

The world’s triumphant glorious battle-andstruggle anthems dedicated supporters are going to have to seek out and hear the new album for themselves.

You might think that this band is too hyped and that it is sheer propaganda machinery turning the wheels to turn a profit, but this album is no hype. It is the real deal, confident and true as real as the real thing gets today. By listening to this work you will learn a lot about what this band embraces, not the least of which is that they are from Salt Lake City, in the state of Utah, in the West of United States.

The other thing that you will learn is that the band sounds like big stars of traditional, uptempo heavy metal, and this album should be on your list if you want your heavy metal with big singing and big tunes to be a battle cry before going into the arena of gladiators when they bring out the beasts.


The first song sounds the omen warning of danger for those that do not love heavy metal: step aside. Actually, they make their music as if they were playing in a stadium, it is full of big riffs for getting tens of thousands banging their heads as one. Dramatic and powerful, the voice sounds like the singer is a giant, commanding the stage and with the crowds in the palm of the hand, trapped in the teeth of the hydra of metal, unable to escape the eye of the storm, every song an omen of epic heavy metal, but don’t fear these axemen, for they bring big guitar harmonies, meticulously composed, hoping that the fans notice the care taken with the guitars. In addition, the solos are often like mini songs within the songs.

It is the hope that the people take heed of the omen of Visigoth, metal mongers to the very end, metal music the power they defend.




Metal Bulletin #141

VOJD (Sweden) Rotting Sky(U.S.) Empiresfall (Germany) Sorcerer (Sweden) Necrosexual (U.S.)

interview: Empiresfall Empiresfall is a veteran thrash metal band from Germany that has been around for about a decade.

They are probably new to American thrash fans, but the band hits all the buttons at the right time for their style of rough-and-ready real thrash. This year 2018 they have a new album called A Piece to the Blind.

The album was released the 2nd of February. Find out more about the band in this interview with founding member Franky (guitar and vocals)...

Metal Bulletin #140

Grafvitnir (Sweden) A Flourishing Scourge (Seattle) Thantifaxath (Canada) Crom (Germany) PLUS: Dragonforce (U.K.), Riot (U.S.), Grimgotts (U.K.), Ram (Sweden)

interview: A Flourishing Scourge

The Seattle progressive extreme metal band A Flourishing Scourge in 2017 released its selftitled critically-acclaimed debut album.

Recently the band has made some interesting announcements online and this publication wanted the band to elaborate on these latest developments.

Thankfully, the band was gracious in its responses explaining where the band is headed in the future. Thanks, AFS, for taking the time to answer.

Kevin (bass) and Tye (guitars, vocals) responded. Let’s get to it! A Flourishing Scourge announced a partnership with Distilled Entertainment.

What exactly does “artist management and booking agent” mean? What does your band need help with, in terms of functioning as a band in the music business, in your opinion? (Tye) It connects us to a bigger pool of show and tour possibilities since Distilled works with a number of bands and tour promoters all over the world. Distilled also has good connections and advice on things like merch and online album circulation, avenues that most indy bands aren’t dialed into yet. Probably the biggest thing we wanted help with was getting involved in some tours or festivals. Planning and executing everything for a DIY tour is painful, ask Kevin, he had to plan most of it. (Kevin) Yes, tour planning sucks. We’ve gotten a fairly broad set of contacts for venues at this point, so booking the show isn’t much of an issue, but bringing on local support and the general synching of schedules and resources is a galactic pain in the ass.

Do you find that you do not have the time to write music and take care of the business side of being a band? How difficult is it to be a musician and a businessperson at the same time? (Tye) We all have pretty busy lives on top of the normal band duties of writing, practicing, and playing, so all the additional band stuff does become difficult....


Metal Bulletin #139

Watain (Sweden) Orphaned Land (Israel) Vesuvian (Seattle) Nelecc (Kenya) PLUS: WildeStarr (U.S.), Dracena (U.S.)

interview with :Vesuvian

Vesuvian is a relatively new band on the stages of the state of Washington, U.S.

In a couple of years the Seattle band has been working on their skills and sound, and they have an EP titled Lahar (2017) of melodic extreme metal that you can hear on Bandcamp.

This publication contacted the band in order to get a better understanding of where things stand for them now that they have a recording. Thank you, Vesuvian, for taking time to answer the questions. Hello, Vesuvian! Metal Bulletin zine here.

What’s good?! This is the first time that this publication interviews your band. So, tell us please, Vesuvian is a band from the rainy and grey state of Washington, but where specifically is the base of operations of the band? Where do you play shows the most in Washington?

First off, thank you for having us on here! Well we as members are scattered around the Seattle area, but our practice space (we call Vesuvius haha) is based in Puyallup, Wa. As for shows, locally we have played the circuit of Seattle, Everett, Fife and Olympia a lot, though we have been known to go on the other side of the pass to play shows in Kennewick and the like!

According to Metal Archives, this is the band: Josh O'Neill: drums (2015-present) Corvin Costache: guitars (2015-present) Rider Ingalls: guitars, backing vocals (2015- present) RJ Mitchell: vocals (2015-present) Brandon Carnahan: bass (2016-present) Is this accurate?

By the way, who is answering this interview? The 2015 on a few of us is actually technically inaccurate, due to this band’s first incarnation (started in 2014) had a different name, which we were all pretty new when it started, so we changed it to a name better suited to the concept behind the band...


Metal Bulletin #138

Haze of Summer (Russia) Batushka (Poland) Lady Beast (U.S.) Riot (U.S.)

Lady Beast - Vicious Breed

label: Cruz Del Sur Music release date: 17 November 2017

Lady Beast is traditional heavy metal from the United States, and more specifically, they play the young heavy metal sound of the genre’s birth.

The album is some 36 minutes; eight songs.

My impression of the album is that the band believes in playing the music in an honest way. The album sounds like they want to be able to play live what they play on the album.

For instance, I hear the singer do the songs as best as possible, but without employing a bunch of effects. It’s a different experience when you listen to Lady Beast: there is a transparency in the singing that you won’t easily find anywhere else.

All I hear is the singer doing the work honestly. I also have watched concert videos and it seems like the songs sound similar live and in the studio.

This also applies to the instrumentation. They have twin guitars, but on the album one can tell what is going on and what’s being played, and then in the concert videos the music comes across well, reflecting the work ethic of the band. This new album sounds like the band decided to be efficient and effective.


Do what you came to do, and then end the album. Don’t overstay your welcome. The people want heavy metal from Lady Beast, give the people the heavy metal, and then leave, knowing that they will come back for more. People familiar with the band will love the new album’s traditional sounds in the style of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, as you would hear with the young Saxon or Holocaust, but now it is Lady Beast’s turn to convince the masses.

In other words, big riffs, to the point guitars, fast paced heavy metal for headbanging, solos to do air guitar and a singer who wants you to join the crusade of the young heavy metal that never, ever dies.



Metal Bulletin #137

Defenestration (France) Monolith Cult (U.K.) Frozen Crown (Italy) Seasons of the Wolf (U.S.) PLUS: Scars of Armageddon (U.S.), Frost Giant (U.S.), Arkheth (Australia)

Frozen Crown : The Fallen King

Scarlet Records 9 February 2018


Big pop power metal primed for international massive success in Europe, Japan and South America may be the destiny and aim of this band.

The album is carefully designed to leave no stone unturned in order to hit every check mark that the loyal fans of the genre want, demand and love. The band features prominently two vocal energies, male and female, as a general rule.

Both voices work well together, harmonious and catchy, starting with the first song, a fast track of European power metal. They add little spices all over the place. For instance, the second song is a radio-style pop metal song with a fun, uptempo vibe.

It’s definitely pop music. Of course, they do the power metal rocking songs, the band’s go-to mode is, in fact, uptempo and fast songs loaded to the gills with melodies. The guitar melodies are big for this album, but the keyboards are important, too.

The band has a bit of a wild side to them. For instance, on the last song, they go into blasting mode and incorporate growling into the song and they end this thing in big bang style. Here and there, they have a bit of growling in some songs.


The band does quite a bit of variety, but they are not a blank file or a replica, blindly following a strict formula. The band has given a kingdom for a heart like this, one that can take the music in different directions. Now, you may be saying, “That’s all well and good, but why don’t you give me the bad news?! Tell me about the bad side of the album, show me the weaknesses.” Well, you have a point. I will most certainly show you the bad parts of the album.

I will tell you all about the weak aspects of this album for sure. I will tell you about the bad elements of the album just as soon as I find them. It is true that bad news travels fast, but this good news should travel faster. Hopefully this is not the end of this chapter.



Metal Bulletin #136

Grimtone (Sweden) Born Without Blood (WA state) Noturnall (Brazil) Nydvind (France) PLUS: Sonic Prophecy (U.S.) issues of this zine are available online

Noturnall : 9

Rockshots Records 19 January 2018

Personally, I find Noturnall to be a very good combination. They do many things right.

First of all, they roll power metal, traditional heavy metal, progressive metal, and a bit of thrash into a young, bouncy, uptempo album that is both headbanging and memorable.

As a power prog band they have also one indispensable element that is right, and that’s the drumming. The drumming has a very good energy and it sounds like metal drumming, and it means a lot for the sound of the band because it results in an album that rocks. I don’t hear any weaknesses, it’s a fun album and the songs are efficient.


Most of all, the songs are memorable and they exude not just talent, but a lot of skill in the execution of the music itself and in the up-to-date production.

It appears that they hooked up with the right people to give the album a current sound. Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. The singing works very well with the band’s style and the band’s tendency to sway around various subgenres as a coherent style. Speaking for myself, I find the singing good.

I wonder how it sounds live in real life, but on the album the singing certainly can match the quality and power of the songs. This album is a keeper for sure. A winner all the way.



Metal Bulletin #135

Excalion (Finland) Army of Dagon (Seattle) Necrovorous (Greece) Kömmand (Seattle) Arallu (Israel) Anthrocene (Seattle)

interview with Kömmand The black thrash band Kömmand took time out of their busy schedule to take on this inquisition (mostly written in Metalenglisch) questionnaire interrogation.

Their debut album is from 2017 and it is called Nekrö Kömmandö Attack! Live it at the first link below and you too can rise to the rank of a kömmander of metal.

1.Hällo! Metal Bulletin zine wants to interrogate the Kömmand krüe about your metal konspiracies. The debut was released in 2017, but when did the konzept für the blackthrash originally begin? Why the blackthrash in partikular? What motivates the Kömmand körps to dedikate so much devotion to this style of nekrometal?

I started writing Kömmand riffs in November of 2013. A lot changed for me in 2013 - the drummer of Skinwalker moved to Oregon, I got kicked out of Strychnine, my woman left me and I completed university. I had no feeling for the future, and a void in my output. Being fully marinated in BLACK METAL for years, my music vocabulary was stunted at the level of the cold, fast and hateful.....

[read full interview on this issue]

Kömmand - Nekrö Kömmandö Attack! (Full Album, 2017)


Metal Bulletin #134

Haze of Summer (Russia) Riot (U.S.) Anubis Gate (Denmark) Walpyrgus (U.S.) Arallu (Israel), Ensiferum (Finland), Throne of Heresy (Sweden), Caïnan Dawn (France)

Walpyrgus - Walpyrgus Nights

release date: June 6th, 2017 label: Cruz del Sur Music

1.The Dead of Night 04:48

2.Somewhere Under Summerwind 05:16

3.Dead Girls 03:24

4.Lauralone 05:12

5.Palmystry 05:21

6.She Lives 02:52

7.Light of a Torch (Witch Cross cover)05:28

8.Walpyrgus Nights 05:01

total time 37:22

This band should be arrested.

They should be in jail. They're criminals.

Image may contain: 5 people, text

They don't play the game in a fair way and that's not right. It's high time that someone stood up and said something about it. That's why I'm here. To call for justice. To call the shots.

The audacity of this band. I mean, the nerve! Here is their plan. Form a traditional heavy metal band, and make every single song a hit and make everyone bang their heads and get them all addicted and infected with heavy metal mania, like a highly memorable child of Judas Priest and Thin Lizzy (or is it Scorpions and Thin Lizzy?).

Walpyrgus - The Dead of Night


Anyway you slice it, friend, welcome to the hit factory! They have one passion only: writing hits! Walpyrgus is a hit-writing heavy metal machine from the United States. The guitars sing with huge melodies and harmonies, and the voice singing is there to make you sing;

it's a bit more on the side of melodic, hard rock vocals than air-raid-siren high vocals. This band is not a 70s punk-style band, but they make their songs so compact, it's like they have been listening to The Ramones and Misfits and they stole, just right out stole, that idea for heavy metal.

Get in, play the song efficiently, get to the chorus fast, waste no time and end it quickly. Then, start the next one. They do a bit of the gang-shouted backing vocals, too (I told you; a bit o’ punk).

Their lyrics are horror-themed with an upbeat Alice Cooper-like feel (or is it Misfits-like vibe?). Rocking traditional heavy metal packed with hits. Are you in?

walpyrgus.bandcamp.com/album/walpyrgus -nights facebook.com/Walpyrgus



Metal Bulletin #133

Mystica Girls (Mexico) AlNamrood (Saudi Arabia) Portrait (Sweden) Occasvs (Chile) Hällas (Sweden) Syn Ze Sase Tri (Romania)

Hällas - Excerpts From The Future Past The Sign Records release: 13 October 2017

No automatic alt text available.

Do you wish you could turn back time when The Mammas (and the Papas) sang you to sleep but now you're stressed out?

Don't be alarmed, you will be experiencing a disruption in the time-space continuum. It is 2017 in the world outside, but this band brings you to 1969.

They are inheritors to the changing of the guard or embody the transition itself, from psychedelic rock to heavy metal. The Swedish hippies create music that your grandparents might love. What would Cream think of the singing? What would The Doors or Iron Butterfly say if they heard the organ? Would they all be jealous and think, “I should have written that song, man. I hate the Swedish hippies from the future."?

Would they welcome it?

Image may contain: 1 person, on stage, playing a musical instrument and guitarThe hippies at Woostock would dance in their birthday suits all day to this music.

What are you going to do with this music? They give you a ticket to a different time and a different day, when rock and roll was searching new areas to explore and there were not a million genres and subgenres.

I was half joking when I said it's the music your grandparents would like. I am also serious. Put these Swedes right in the radio playlist of the classic rock station in your town and I doubt many people would notice anything peculiar.

Finally, one trait about them that might be of interest is that they like to rock. You won't hear those extended pieces of experimentation or those long segments of trippy instrumentation, like you do find in some psychedelic rock. You know, those pieces that are not songs, and feel like they are there wasting time because the band was abusing and consuming certain illicit substances. Plus, this band also keeps up the energy level throughput the album, not just for some songs.

In other words, they want to rock.

Hällas - Excerpts From a Future Past (Full Album 2017)


Party like it's 1969.

thesignrecords.bandcamp.com/album/h-llasexcerpts-from-a-future-past facebook.com/haellas/



There you have it! Little bites of the issues above. Read.listen.enjoy.suport!