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10-4-13 Dead To The World, Blackmarket Syndicate.

10.9.13 We made it to Fitzgerald's to check out Dying Fetus, Exhumed and Waking the Cadaver.


Battle of the bands at Fitzgerald's!!

Scale The Summit & The Reign of Kindo.

1.18.14 HRA, Oath of Cruelty, Hel-Razor at Rudyard's

2.2.14 Fuglmanics made it to Fitzgerald's. Toxic Holocaust,Exhumed, Mammoth Grinder and Ramming Speed.

NEW*** Metal Bulletin #45

The new issue is here. As you already know prepare yourself for some new music and new bands. He even tells you where to get free stuff! Enjoy...


This issue #45 begins with three bands from Washington state, home of Metal Bulletin Zine.

9.16.14 Houston, Texas- Overkill made it to town and was playing at Scouts bar. We knew it would required a lot of effort for the Fuglymaniacs to make it.

Overkill is always worth the effort. In true Overkill fashion they delivered a killer set with old songs that they haven't played in years. The show started at 10:15p-11:45p. This was a killer 90 minute set that we haven't seen from them. The metalheads came out for this one even on a stormy, fugly day.

Here's our footage:

This goes to show if you are conistent and do your craft well people will take notice. No, changing members evey other day NOT so much....

Overkill has "officially" master their craft. They had about a dozen shirts design for sale. They have even broken it down to states...brilliant. We bought the Texas (longhorn) design of course. They had a Philly (liberty bell), Chicago,Canada so on...they even had scarfs, button down shirts and hockey jerseys. Nice!

Great to see alot of familiar faces, here's the set list.

    Everytime we see Overkill we get sidetrack from recording....too bad. Another reason for you to catch 'em live!!


    Blood of Kings: Starvation (Tridroid Records) Blood of Kings’ thrash/heavy/speed metal embodies tradition.

    Put it this way, the band has taken pictures in which they wear shirts of Grim Reaper and Coroner. That right there says a lot about their attitude. Screaming vocals, shredding and speed are essential elements for this band. Old school metal or no metal at all is their attitude.


    Wings of Purity is one-person fast-and-shred instrumental power metal from Kirkland.


    It’s 30 minutes of guitar-oriented melodic speed. Hear the complete recording at Bandcamp or Soundcloud and download it for free, if baby Dragonforce-like speed is your fancy. It’s a rough demo recording, but the guitar work gets across clearly.


    Skelator Words like “true metal” and “old school heavy metal” are more than just phrases for Skelator:

    it is their music. Skelator is a conservative-traditional heavy metal band. If you agree with them, Skelator wants you in their battalions. Whether it’s the old 80s sounds of Jag Panzer, Omen, Armored Saint or Helstar, or perhaps nowadays Sacred Steel, Metalucifer, Darkest Era, Argus, Magister Templi, Pharaoh, Vestal Claret and Stormwarrior; or, the heavy metal on Infernö Records,

    Auburn Records and Pure Steel Records. Skelator (est. 2008) has several albums that celebrate traditional heavy metal: shredding, solos, actual riffs (not the low-string chugging stuff) and singing. They say that their new work will be called “King of Fear.”

    (FB fan: The fact that there is a band named after Skeletor, AND they wrote a song about Castlevania is reason enough for me to listen to you guys. \m/,)


    Vestal Claret (U.S.): The Cult of Vestal Claret (Cruz del Sur Music)
    Traditional heavy metallers Vestal Claret seem like a band that hates it when they hear metal musicians attempt to justify or apologize for metal’s socially unacceptable traits, like when a band says that they have a “positive” message about “believing in yourself,” and make it appear like metal music is some sort of life coach for people who need encouragement or reassuring.

    No. Vestal Claret is not that way. If metal offends some people’s feelings, religious or social beliefs, well, that’s fine, it’s not for them. Or, if you hate it when you see metal musicians going around saying, “We are not really Satanists or into blasphemy. We are just having fun with some silly images, you know, like you see in the movies. We’re just normal dudes, like you.”

    No. Anyway, what do you care if someone thinks you are a Satanist? You play blasphemous or sick music, so what? Are you asking for people’s approval or what?

    No. Vestal Claret has songs about witches, murder, evil and the occult. There is no “positive” message about living your life better, in a more “healthy” way that helps interact with your classmates or neighbors. This music is mentally deranged, and that’s that.

    Vestal Claret is traditional-conservative occult-theme heavy/doom metal for those into other cult metal like Manilla Road, Brocas Helm and Cirith Ungol. They don’t sound like those bands, but they are quirky, strange and metal like those bands.


    Kaine (U.K.): The Waystone 

    Bruce Dickinson has at times observed that one difference about Iron Maiden is the way that the band’s guitarists write smooth melodies and riffs, and that this way of composing has nothing to do with being “heavy,” and doing these chugging chords that are obnoxiously loud, impressing in particular the younger listener through tricks of volume and noise. Traditional-conservative heavy metallers Kaine appear to understand Bruce Dickinson’s point perfectly well: metal music is not about how heavy your music is, actually. If you think about it, there are many, many currently famous and successful non-metal rock bands that sound heavier, chunkier and chuggier than heavy metal like Kaine.
    Metal music as Kaine understands it, is about riffs, melodies, guitar work in general, songwriting, singing and overall talent. Kaine is in no competition to have the heaviest sound. It’s easier to be loud, than make the effort to write riffs and make a coherent song.

    This is Kaine’s second studio full-length album, according to Metal Archives. Early Maiden seems like an influence here, in the smooth melodies and riffs; you may also detect other New Wave of British Heavy Metal sounds, perhaps Blitzkrieg or Angel Witch; in places, such as the song “The Waystone” the band expands into more proggy territory, with keys and other mellower passages, which again, can be seen as a Steve Harris influence, through his love of 70s prog.
    The creative energy of the band is their most positive strength, in my view. If late 70s-early 80s metal interpreted by a younger band looks an appealing proposition, put Kaine in your list. You’ll be glad you did. Hoping we have not heard the last of this unsigned band.


    5.19.14 Deathhammer (Norway) live at Walters

    On this particular monday there were two shows, Primal Fear or Deathhammer. We decided to go with Deathhammer since this is their first time in the U.S. as far we know. We figured hell if they made the effort to come to Houston,Texas the least we can do is show some support for old school thrash from Norway.

    Deathhammer was formed in 2005, in Norway (Hamar/Grimstad) by Sergeant Salsten (Guitar, bass, vocals) and Sadomancer (Drums, backing vocals). Bands lyrical themes are about zombies, death and blasphemy. They released three demos and two full-length albums.

    Everytime we go one of these shows (first timers) the bands are eager to put on a great show. Deathhammer was no exception. They were full of energy and read to destroy ...enjoy!!






    5.19.14 We were lucky enough to make to Mango's for the Destroying Texas fest 9....[read more]

    Blaspherian is a band from Missouri City, Texas. Have you had your black metal today? No...that's ok that's ok let us fix you right up. [read more....]

    Morgengrau is a old school death/speed metal band from Austin, Texas. [read more...]

    Nethermost is a band from Laredo, Texas. They have a melodic doom/death metal sound.They currently have two releases Alpha (2013) & War of the Wretched (2014) [read more.....]


    HoustonPress did an article on Houston's own - more.


    Anvil, Burn The Boats, ASS, Mercury Cure live at Fitzgerald's 4.15.14

    Fuglymaniacs was made it to the Anvil show. Apparently Anvil is dead. The crowd was small and energy was quiet. Problem is nobody told Anvil to show up and rock the crowd to sleep. They were ready to party and they had had lots of energy and plenty of metal.

    Anvil was entertaining and they rocked the placed. Steve "Lips" Kudlow (g,v) Robb Reiner (drums) Sal Italiano (bass) Steve has a great, silly attitude and great stories to tell between sets. Robb did a killer drum solo. Hell there's even guitar playing with a vibrator.. [read more]


    First let talk about the supporting bands.

    Burn the Boats was the third band. They are a Houston band that has been around for a while now. These guys mean business and they are good, but [read more..]

    Second band is ASS this a new band from Bryan & Austin,TX. They recently... [read more]

    The first band to open the show was The Mercury Cure. TheyThe Mercury Curehave a self described "Van Halen sound and they just want to fuckin' rock." Lucky for them Kelly is on guitars & Darren on drums (formerly of Carry The Storm) so there is plenty of shredding. They even did a cover of 'Hot For Teacher."They've been jammin' since November so they are new band....see for yourself.



    More footage coming from this show...ASS, Burn The Boats & Anvil...


    Zakk Wilde: “I don’t know how to play guitar.”