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6.25.13 Within The Ruins (Mass) , Abiotic (Fla) and Houston's own An Oath of Misdirection.

We made it to Walter's downtown to check out Within The Ruins. Within the Ruins is a deathcore/metalcore band from Westfield, Massachusetts. They are currently signed to E1 Music and Good Fight Music. The group has released three albums and three EPs. They came to Houston ready to cause some chaos. The crowd was ready and willing. The young crowd had great energy!

We also discovered a local band- An Oath of Misdirection. Members are: Tyler Hill-Vocals Chris Martinez-Guitars Shaun Dargis-Guitars Sean Pauw-Bass Joseph Caraway-Drums. They had great energy and the young crowd love it. Tyler said they been around a year....

Abiotic is a Progressive/deathcore/death metal band from Miami.

We do have a couple of complaints about this show. First, What exactly is this kung fu - elbow swinging butterfly dance kids do nowadays while jamming to a metal/hardcore band. It's annoying to say the least and it's worst than the Macarena! Can we just do the classic circle pit with some awesome stagediving? Don't try to reinvent the wheel.... Second, These bands had great energy but we couldn't help to wonder just how much music is actually being played on stage and how much is being funnel in. Plenty Drums triggers with a plastic sound and brutal breakdowns...

I guess were just old school and out of touch with the new generation.

An Oath of Misdirection

Abiotic is a progressive/deathcore/death metal band.

 Within The Ruins is on tour out of massachusetts.


Overall we got our money's worth and glad we made it. We're especially glad we found An Oath of Misdirection. Support our local scene.


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