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5.4.13 Apocalyptic, Headcrusher(Colombia), Dimension, Eldritch(Italy) live at BFE.

We have been away for a while but as you know life gets on the way of Fuglymaniacs...but don't fear we are back with a new boatload of material..

HeadCrusher is a band from Colombia they are now based out of Austin, Texas. These guys are starting to make waves in the metal scene click on the link above to see their facebook page. Last time we had a Colombian band at BFE (Thy Antichrist) they destroyed the place. HeadCrusher did not dissapoint. They were ready and full of energy. Their brand of metal is right up our alley. We really liked these guys...enough already. see for yourself. Enjoy!

HeadCrusher - Treeless, Beware The Ides of March,Winds of Disease, Prisoner Machine

HeadCrusher - Common Nonsense, Against All Reason

We made it to this show because Dave Rivera (g) formerly of Owl Witch has a new project, details are a blur for now but we'll get 'em to you as soon as we do. Apocalyptic is the new band. This was their 3rd show. Curious to see what he's been up to? We headed his way.

Sure enough, it's easy to see he has been holding out on us and been busy. They had a bit of a hiccup at the beginning but they recovered nicely. They started their set with non other than Helloween - I'm Alive. Looks like they wanted to send a message and that message was. Hey! we ain't fucking around and we're gonna smoke this place. See for yourself ...

Apocalyptic - I'm Alive(cover) and Cyborg

  Apocalyptic - Burning The Witch

Also: Apocalyptic - Suffer the Wrath and Apocalyptic - last One You'll See (Before You Die) and Apocalyptic - Somewhere In Time (cover)

We liked what we saw. A bit raw for now but once they get a little more time under their belts......watch out! Good job guys.

Eldritch is a progressive metal band from Italy. Yes, you read that right they did two shows in the U.S one in Chicago and one in Houston. This was their first time in Texas. We did not know a single thing about this band. Imagine our surprised to find they've been around since early 90's ...yikes! Have been living under a rock? Apparently so. They have <120> songs to schoose from for their setlist and they had travel 18+ hours just to do this show? Oh! and by the way they couldn't bring their gear apparently so they had borrow most of it and still managed to put on a great show. They were great! Enjoy..

Eldritch - Deviation, Still Screaming, Ghoulish Gift 5.4.13

Eldritch - Everything's Burning, The World Apart, The Dark Inside, Scar 5.4.13

Eldritch - Save Me, This Everlasting Mind Disease 5.4.13

 Eldritch - Lonesome Existence 5.4.13

Dimension is a band from Denver, Colorado. As with all the other bands these guys are new to us. Progressive metal with long songs. Click on the link to see their facebook page. We didn't care for all the programmed material they had but they did sound good though. Okay, maybe we're splitting hairs a bit. We like the more organic, free range, no hormones, msg added type of fugly metal maybe? They didn't talk much(at all really!) the backgound track would not allowed them ? Singer started to talk once and the track had started along with the drummer so he had to bail on the remarks and play....not cool! We didn't get track titles so If you know 'em and would like to share with us feel free...




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