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Archive- Fast and vicious bands: Insecticide and Hod live footage.

Today we wanted to give a one, two - punch. Insecticide came to Houston 4.21.12 at the White Swan. They were doing a send off for Sam Cervantes who joined the military. First, Insecticide is been around since mid 80's. They have a Demo, Swarm Kill a compilation cd and For a dying world (2010) Sherman and his fuglymaniacs are great. This is the way thrash was meant to be played..fast, faster...aaaaaaaarg! hit somebody.

Then there is the mighty Hod from San Antonio..These guys are filthy, dirty bastards and we love it! With their neck breaking metal Hod will knock you on your ass. Hod is vicious, with singer Beer Reebs leading the way...We caught up with them at the Building Temples from Death festival 9.29.12 at Fitzgerald's.



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