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Archive- Thy Antichrist and Hellgoat live footage from the  Destroying Texas Fest 7. (11.3.12 Houston,Texas)

Today we wanted to feature two of our most popular bands we have in the video libraryThyAntichristThyAntichrist2. These two bands are excellent! They put on a great show. Thy Antichrist is from Medellin-Antioquia, Colombia.

We were lucky enough to catch 'em live for the first time in the U.S and got some footage. The responsed has been great. Clearly they have a loyal following. We were very impressed with their energy and brutality.

Then there is the beast from the east, Georgia that is....Hellgoat! Band policy HellgoatHellgoat2has always been no interviews or photos.  Hellgoat was started in 2004 as a solo project by Amon Demogorgon where he played everything on the early recordings.  Since then Hellgoat has developed into a full fledged touring/record making band.  Recently we've been in conspiracy with Graveless Slumber Records.  The Graveless Slumber Records website www.gsr666.com is the only official place to find information on Hellgoat. 
Hellgoat from Georgia is the only true Hellgoat.  We've played in Texas 7 times and will definitely be back.  See you maniacs next time!  



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