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5.11.13 Houston’s own's VENOMOUS MAXIMUS , WARBEAST ,Orthodox Fuzz & Santus Bellum . This inaugural Bayou Doom Fest I was held at Fitzgerald’s in Houston, TX.

Warbeast showed up armed with a new album "Destroy" here's what Bruce Corbitt (vox) says about it.."This album is simply meaner and heavier than our first," affirms Corbitt. "We've managed to keep the variety we had, but we allowed ourselves more freedom to go beyond the traditional songwriting patterns. It's less predictable. We've evolved as a band, and Destroy proves it."

In addition to pulverizing riffs, pummeling double bass, and powerful leads, the singer focused on lyrically tackling different topics and delivering them via razor sharp hooks.

"I just wanted to write about a wide range of subjects and emotions. Topics include everything from werewolves and humans warring with aliens to national disasters and a robotic monster called Warbeast. There's also a track called 'Egotistical Bastards,' which could be about many people I know," he laughs..

Ready to spread the chaos. They did a lot of new material to start the set and the crowd was eating it up. They were great! See our footage and enjoy.

Warbeast -Cryogenic Thawout, Nightmares In The Sky, Egotistical Bastard 5.11.13

 Warbeast - Nobody, Warbeast 5.11.13

Venomous Maximus first hometown appearance since signing to Napalm Records. Making the festival even more special is the fact that is was FREE.  

We have been preaching the Venomous Maximus gospel since the Deadhorse reunion show a while back. We knew they had something special.

The thing was their demo quality lacked so you could be very easy dismissed them for just another local metal band. Luckly for us we seen them live first, so we knew they were the real deal. We have seen them several times after that. They have always managed to sound tighter every time. How is this possible? band chemistry? lots of practice? having real jobs and being selective with show they book?

We decided to ask Christian Larson - (Guitar)

1. What was the song names on setlist used? Setlist: Oct 14th, Path of Doom, Angel Heart, Hellenbach, Moonchild, Hell's Heroes

2. Seen you guys several times and VM  always manages to sound tighter. Do you practice on that or is the chemistry that good?

 Its a little bit of both. We try to practice as much as we can but the chemistry is what puts it over the edge.

3. How did VM managed to escape the overexposed / local fatigue that many bands here fall into? Day jobs? I know ya'll have real day jobs, right? It seem to us VM is selective with shows not just booking show after show?

Yes, we still all have day jobs. Its kinda funny people think we don't have jobs anymore, I wish. We try to space out our shows on purpose. It makes the shows bigger and at the same time doesn't wear us out. To keep playing we play regionally and try to tour when we can or something good comes up.

So there you have it, we also got new songs -October 14th & Angel Heart and a quick interview. - Thanks to C.Larson.

At any rate we dare you to find a better band that delivers the goods every time, live. "Beg Upon The Light" cd does a much better job of capturing their sound do yourself a favor and pick up a copy..... Enjoy!!

Venomous Maximus - Dream Again (Hellenbach) , Angel Heart (NEW)

Venomous Maximus - October 14th (NEW), Path Of Doom 5.11.13

Venomous Maximus- Hell's Heroes 5.11.13 

We also caught up with a new band to us from Forth Worth, Texas- Orthodox Fuzz. They have found their niche. We like the old school metal sound and Andrew Kimbrell vocals sound much better live than on their demo. Catch 'em at a bar/club near you. You won't regret it.

Santus Bellum - Doom/Classic Metal band based out of Houston, TX. This band has been around a while at the local level and are well regarded among their peers. Lots of changes thru the years but still intact and with a steady line up. "The Shining Path" is their latest effort. They are now ready to take on the world....enjoy!

Sanctus Bellum - The Shining Path, Parallax (NEW), Gods Own Warriors 5.11.13

Sanctus Bellum - Gods Own Warriors, Dumb Luck Divinity 5.11.13