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10.4.13 Call us crazy, but we wanted to check out some local talent that was playing at Fitzgerald's. Imagine that! no big name headliner, just some popular local talent.

Dead To The World, Blackmarket Syndicate. This show was over a bit early about 12:45am. On the way to the exit I notice the bottom show was still going strong with a nice crowd. New York City Queens was playing downstairs so I figure hell why not? We walked in, the the crowd was cheering these guys on. They are a folky, alternative, 80's pop sounding band. Tears For Fears & The Cure meets The Killers with a touch of Rick James? ...HELL! Just take a look for yourself and decide.

This is usually a recipe for surprises or disaster, Not being familar with any of these bands. I did know it was punk rock line-up. The critics around town speak highly of Blackmarket Syndicate. A bunch of young guys doing punk right and raising hell.

The energy was high and stage was set but first, Dead To The World.



Blackmarket Syndicate:

This is New York City Queens a local talent with a good following..


We are glad we made it to this show. Found some new local bands that are keeping the scene alive.


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