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***Cassette Tape is our local Gem of the Year 2012***

UPDATE- 1.26.13

We caught up with Cassette Tape at Last Concert Cafe. Needless to say we always have a blast when we see them. They were coming off a great concert the previous night at the House of Blues and it was the biggest crowd yet. We are not surprised just sad we missed it. They also told us about their new lights and new fog machine. They are getting booked all over the place. They are picking up momentum and it's just a matter of time before you hear these guys on the radio. As Louis likes to put it "Don't fight the funk" and Matt says they have plenty of room on the bandwagon so climb on board and become a TapeHead! We declare 2013 Year of the Tape!!

Ok, so your probbable wondering what makes these guys so great? Ah, we are glad you ask...This is just a sample. Enjoy!!

Cassette Tape is a band from Houston Texas. They are relative new band with this current line up:

 Matt Cash (g,vox), Louis Cassette TapeMorales (g,vox), Cam Rowe (bass), Noe Molina (drums) and Four (percussion).

We were lucky enough to catch 'em live at the Texas Roadhouse Live last month (13th caller). Maybe it was the free Lonestar beer, the recording studio or maybe these guys are just good. At any rate we decided to catch 'em again, this time at Scout Bar in Clear Lake on Christmas Day. We got there a bit early so could check out the other bands too (more on 'em later..). At any rate, this time we had or video camera Cassette Tapewith us just in case.

As their set started we got that same feeling we did from last show, but this time things were different. Scout Bar has a good sound system and good lightning to go with that. Not to mention there is a giant Ape (IV) going crazy on the percussion, what's not to like right ?


CassetteTapeCassette Tape is not a simple band you can " pigeonholed" with a single category. They are too classy & talented. They are an experience! You can jam to their funky recording all you want but this band MUST be seen live to fully experience the full Cassette Tape idea.


With Matt & Louis on guitars, don't let these guys fool you they are serious about their craft. Their smooth sharp edge leads and funky rhythm guitars they will have you tapping your feet in no time. Cam on bass as the anchor and Noe and Four leaCassette Tapeding the way with their drumming and percussion you will feel your hairs raise in the back of your neck and that's when you realized ....Damn these guys are GREAT!!

Cassette Tape will not be ignore, put aside or on the shelve. They are force to be reckoned with. One lucky record label will snatch these guys up and hopefully they will consider Houston home no matter where their career takes them.

Youtube links for songs: Bumpster Funk , 40/20 , World of Shame , New New , Latin

Set : 40/20 , World of Shame, New New, Latin, Bumpster Funk.

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They are currently unsigned so get 'em while you can. You can see their concert calendar at http://www.reverbnation.com/cassettetape

In short we love these guys they are talented, no egos and a genuine great bunch of guys, 100% the real deal and that is why we think they are our gem of the year 2012.....

Don't take our word for it. See for yourself. Enjoy!


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