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6.22.13 Cassette Tape live at Brewskis Pub.

Its Monday the 24th. Do you need a boost this morning? Well you're in luck we got some great Reggae locally grown and raised.

We have been preaching the Cassette Tape Gospel for a while now and we see some of you are getting the message, but some of you are still fighting the funk! Seriously though, Cassette Tape is up for BEST reggae band (Houston,TX) of the year by The Houston Press. Funny thing is, it's not even a fair fight. Cassette is trailblazing a reggae subgenre. Sorry, The Suffers & D.R.U.M. Cassette Tape is head and shoulders above the competitionn. Go to and vote: http://microapp.houstonpress.com/musicawards/2013/vote.php

NoeIt also happened to be Noe's (drums) 28th Birthday. Happy Birthday Noe!! Thanx for the drum key. We know you enjoyed that Jacuzzi....

Maybe you still NOT sold on Cassette Tape or you just haven't had a chance to make it out to one of their many show. Here is some footage that is sure to change your mind.


FYI- Cassette Tape has a show coming up in mid/late July in Austin, Texas (We like Austin!). They will board a bus and haul out some very lucky/special people with them. Space is limited and it's $40 ea. or $60 couples. That includes the fare, ride and entrance to the show and ride back all in one day. Sounds like fun!! Space is limited and its filling up fast. It's BYOB we think. Their facebook page should have all the details...

Bumpster Funk is a crowd favorite as you can see..


Hey girl - I know that you'll jump on my groove. I can tell by the way, your sexy body moves - CT


This Instrumental jam is smooth with a touch of funk. One of our favorite song follows- For You.


Native Tongue, "Old Jam" Louis says- its an old song that never got a song title. Sounds good to us.

As you can see these guys are up to something great. You're in luck they still have room for one more on that Cassette Tape -Tapeheads fan club....


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