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10.9.13 We made it to Fitzgerald's to check out Dying Fetus, Exhumed and Waking the Cadaver. Thanks to Bill Bates and Sweet Mightmares show (90.1 fm kpft) for the tickets.

It was great to see a young crowd for a change. These guys (gals too) were ready a night to remember. Once the music started they went crazy. Hell, we even ran into Noe the drummer from Cassette Tape, stage diving. Yes sir, 8:21 he comes up to the stage and goes for it...


This is the worst footage we have gotten in a long while. We didn't mind though the pit kept spilling over to our side which explains the sudden eratic footage. They were having a blast! Great energy and great circle pit. The stage diving needs more people but hey, it's on a Wed. school night...exactly.

Dying Fetus is touring in support of their latest release (2012) Reign Supreme. MMB states "It’s not clear how they make it sound so much fun. Let’s see what we can figure out."

“From Womb to Waste” is a lesson on how to do chugging guitar rock. Do some chugging, but do other licks with that. Blast in the right places. Inject a little technicality, for good measure. That’s the ticket.

Now see that song live and watch the crowd eat it up!! Fun, fun, fun.


Conclusion: Dying Fetus knows very well how to get people to mosh and how to make people try to do the low guttural growling. “I dare you not to growl along,” says the music.

Exhumed got the crowd into a frenzy with their brand of metal. A Maniac with a chainsaw on stage. Later he was even stage diving...Now that's a Fuglymaniac! We loved their frantic pace and their energy. Mosh pit!!

Waking the Cadaver - The band formed in January 2006 in Shore Points, New Jersey. They released their self-titled two song demo Waking the Cadaver in 2006 with two tracks which are "Chased Through the Woods by a Rapist" and "Blood Splattered Satisfication.

Their new release Real Life Death - is heavy music combining the most furious of death metal, grind, and hardcore all in one unique display of power, catchiness, and aggression to be known as "Slamming Gore Groove" states their Facebook page...We say, see for yourself.

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen. This was a fun show!



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