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HOD live at Fitzgeralds

Image of HodHod is not an acronym. It is not H.O.D. It is Hod. Can we all get it straight now? HOD is creating what the world needs and fears the most; REAL FUCKING METAL!!! Our debut album "Serpent" was released April 14th 2009 on Ibex Moon Records. The album was recorded in Austin, Texas with Stuart "Batlord" Laurence of Agony Column/Ignitor producing it. The mastering was done by Proscriptor of Absu . You can order the album at Amazon.com. All major stores should have a copy of it as well, and if they don't, kill them! We are currently in the works on our second full length album also to be released on Ibex moon records sometime later this year (2010). We've had some lineup changes in the band. Some good. Some bad. All for the better of the band. You can't stop US!!! The Serpent shall consume you. .. .. .. .

So you want to start a heavy metal band. You want to be brutal, aggressive, and want to be taken seriously. Well, listen up grab a pencil and paper and take notes. This is how it's done !!

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