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Isolation In Infamy:

Isolation in Infamy - Photo

Andy Nelson: Guitar, Vocals
Shadi Absi: Guitar
Chris Audish: Bass
Mikey Wilson: Drums

In 2006, Isolation In Infamy was born. Andy Nelson (lead guitar/vocals) met with Eric Williman (guitar) and Mikey Wilson(drums). The young group (average age of 17) then began to play shows throughout Los Angeles, catching the attention of Chris Audish (bass). The band was finally complete. Growing at a quick rate, Isolation was forced into a slight set back with departure of guitarist Eric Williman. Yet the band continued to be a force in the Death Metal genre, playing shows as a 3 piece. It was soon evident that Isolation In Infamy had become a serious project.

2008, Isolation In Infamy enters Titan Studios to record a 3 song demo. Upon completion, Isolation In Infamy recruits (Lead guitarist) Shadi Absi and decimate their way back into the music world, playing shows such as California Metal Fest and winning Metal Sanaz’s 1st ever Guitar Battle. Soon after, the band had to part ways with drummer Mikey Wilson, but with a vastly increasing following, Isolation In Infamy has began to staple their presence in this genre.

Halloween 2010, Isolation In Infamy follow up their demo with a 6 song self-titled EP, which features Darren Cesca on Drums (Arsis, Incinerate, Goratory, Burn In Silence, Pillory). The EP was recorded at Castle Ultimate Studios by Zach Ohren (All Shall Perish, Animosity, Odious Mortem) and the artwork was done by Tony Koehl (The Black Dahlia Murder, Waking the Cadaver, Embryonic Devourment). Currently, Isolation In Infamy is working hard on new material and playing killer shows.

These guys are technical and brutal the put on a crushing set...enjoy!!

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