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7.12.13 Mugen Hoso, The Swingin' Dicks, The Guillotines.

Rudyard's had a band from from Tokyo, Japan - Mugen Hoso. We knew we wanted to check out this crazy guys. They're a two piece rock band. These guys have a ton of energy and they rocked the house! They describe themselves as:

MUGEN means Unlimited/Infinity, HOSO means Broadcasting.
Japanese 2 piece rock band.
Gt.HIRO plays crazy and Dr.TARO plays crazy.
Crazy plus crazy is equal to tooooooooo crazy.

The Swingin' Dicks is a band from Dallas,TX. that has been around a long time. We wanted to see guys and we were NOT dissapointed. They know how to put on a great show!

Newly Reformed Swingin' Dicks. Addition of Barney McKinney on drums, (Dumpster, Four Days to Burn). Cameron(Hoodrat and Dryrub) on guitar. Richard ( Archie Bunker, Kentucky Mule,Blood Of The Sun) on Guitar. Juan Badmutha ( SprëadEagle,The Hookers) on Bass. New album Due in August of 2013 with all new sound and material.

The Swinging Dicks - What You Need,Hook 7.12.13

Houston's own The Guillotines  is a rock and roll punk band that has been around a while. They make no apologies for their lousy attitude with song likes the Not Now, Blow Me just to name a couple of songs..

The Guillotines were founded by Robert Conn on guitar (The Pagans, The Defnics, The Plague, AK-47's) and co-founder and wife Jewels (Chelsea Hotel) on bass. Since the band's inception, their only goal was to play the same loud, fast, and furious punk rock 'n' roll they helped create during the original punk movement in the 70's. The band is rounded with Marc Munroe (The Hot Things) on drums and Pablo Ono (Electric Frankenstein, Texas Terri Bomb, The Hot Things, BlackNovas, Die Cobra) on guitar. Their music is pure and unapologetic and their live shows are an aural assault on your senses.

We were delighted to have made it to this show. Mugen Hoso from Japan was awesome. Two guys with a ton of energy with huge smiles.