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2.6.13 The first show of 2013 was a good one. Testament, Overkill, Flotsam and Jetsam, 4arm from Australia.

We have never been through so much drama just to make it to a show. 1) Show started at 6:45 pm on a Wednesday 2) It was a crappy day and rush hour was mayhem 3) We wanted to make sure to catch 4arm, so getting there on time was a must. 4) House of Blues and Livenation totally ripped us off with our tickets (Fuck 'em both). 5) Bill "master" Bates pull a hall of flame bail out on us at the last second. 6) Getting the new Flotsam and Jetsam- Ugly Noise was a must. ( Our Fugly review here! )

So we did get there on time (almost, late by 5 minutes) and caught 4arm on stage. The stage was jammed pack with gear from the all the bands and they had no room to wiggle. WTF? Nobody wants to set up their gear anymore? They did their thing though and they sounded good. 4arm-Submission For Liberty is their latest release and its a good one. Has an 80's Bay Area thrash sound. and Slayer cross, maybe. Check them out!

Up next was Flotsam and Jetsam which is really the main reason we were there to begin with. We last saw them late 90's for HIGH tour w/ Nevermore. We were excited to see what they had in store for us. Hoping for old stuff of course and they delivered the goods even though they only had time for 6 songs. Not cool guys, they have 11 albums and they get less than 45 minutes?. Talked to M.Gilbert (g) and he say they will be back headlining and with better tshirt selections because they were limited to 3 items only (Testament/Overkill took the whole wall and 4arm had space for 1 item.)

Ugly Noise will be released in April "officially". Our copy was signed by M.Gilbert. Their set was: Gitty Up (NEW) Iron Tears, Escape from Within, Hammerhead, No Place for Disgrace, Hard on You.

Overkill was third, As always they were awesome. Their energy was electric and the best out of all of them. Bobby"Blitz" and D.D are great performers. We seen these guys twice in three years and they are the best. Their set was started by Come and Get it. A perfect start...follow by Rotten to the Core, Wrecking Crew. 

Bring Me the Night, Electric Rattlesnake, Infectious, Ironbound, Elimination and the mandatory FUCK YOU! They crowd went crazy with this set! We got a lot of footage but at some point we just had to stop recording and do a lil headbangin' ourselves we LOVE Overkill and couldn't just stand there and record. We did manage to get Elimination & FUCK YOU!! upfront and you can see the pit in a frenzy! 6:42 of that video he says "I fucking told you we were in Dallas" and needless to say that got the crowd going... Austin, San Antonio, hell even Beaumont BUT, not Dallas- you fuck! - Blitz, knows how to get the crowd going and thats why we love 'em!!  

When the their set was done we found a new Overkill t-shirt on the floor. Tried to ask a couple of guys if it was theirs and they said NO!? We decided to keep it at that point and that totally made our night!!

 Last but not least Testament. We havent seen this guys in this setting for a long time. We last seen them with Motorhead and other bands at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion in the Woodlands (We black listed this place and we won't support them AT ALL anymore, they suck big ones) All the gear is gone and they have the stage all to themselves. The set looks great and the lightning was great. Chuck Billy and the guys lack energy though. They music was great of course. We are glad we made it to this show.

**Flotsam and Jetsam if you read this don't come to HOB (they suck!) next time try one of our local great clubs around..ex. Fitzgeralds, Walters, Scout Bar, even Warehouse Live etc. etc. **