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Ominous | Intercorpse

OMINOUS is a three piece New Jersey based Death Metal band that was formed in the Winter of 2001 by Victor Gonzalez (Vocals, Guitars) and Jayson Meerholz (Drums) Ominous Found Permanent Bass Player Drew Kerwin Who Happened to be a big Fan of the band.

OMINOUS has shared the stage with acts such as Kataklysm, Suffocation, Deicide, Vital Remains, Dying Fetus, and 25 Ta Life, just to name a few, and has gained a huge following through word of mouth and the spread of their 10 song demo CD which they released in July of 2003. OMINOUS also has two music videos under their belt for the songs "What is there for me", and "The Sleeper", that some loyal fans made for them. But in April Ominous Filmed There first Profesional Video 13 Years Of Pain With Director Micheal Saladino, Who has worked with such bands as 40 Below Summer, The Used, And KillSwitch Engaged. 

In March of 2004 Vocalist/Guitarist Victor Gonzalez designed and released his first Signature-Series guitar under Yavcon/Mozer guitars, called "The Desecrator" ( 
The band Just Recently Finished There Debute Album (Intercorpse) Due For Release this Summer, and a sick video for the song "13 Years Of Pain" are in the works. 

OMINOUS have been voted Band of the Week for January and February in The Metal Review ( OMINOUS is also one of the featured bands in the Heavycore DVD Roasting Posers Volume 1, and was the Heavycore featured band for April. ( OMINOUS recently won the vote to be the Featured band on where they were competing against Flotsam & Jetsam, and Jungle Rot. 
The band's demo CD is being played on these popular radio stations across the U.S. and overseas: 

These guys made to the festival tired and with no sleep but that didn't stop them from taking the stage and putting on a great show...These guys are popular in the east coast. Nationwide soon hopefully, they are close to breaking thru. We hope they do, They are good. Check 'em out!

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