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11.2.13 Fuglymaniacs made to Fitzgeralds to see one of Houston's best local band that have managed to make it big . Scale The Summit & The Reign of Kindo.

At the end of 2006, Scale The Summit moved to Letchford's home town of Houston, Texas, where they released their self-released debut album, Monument. They slowly started to gain attention from magazines such as Kerrang, Rock Sound and Amp. A couple years later in 2009 they signed with Prosthetic Records and began working on their second album, Carving Desert Canyons. The release of the second album was extremely successful, earning the band a spot on the 2008 Progressive Nation Tour with Dream Theater. After a couple more years of touring in late 2010 to recorded The Collective.

Presently, they are starting a brand new world headlining tour in Houston. We are glad we made it to this show. The Migration is their new album and it's a great one. We wonder however, they can really sound that great live? The precision delivered in each song it's off the charts. The way Chris Letchford handles his guitar is amazing. All the musicians in the crowd were paying attention.

In some cases it felt more like a guitar clinic for those that aspire to be great with their own guitar.

Scale The Summit - Setlist for 11.2.13 Houston, Texas

Glacial Planet, Odyssey, Atlas Novus, Dark Horse, Dunes, Whales, The Levitated, Oracle, Evergreen, The Great Plains, Willow, Traveler, The Olive Tree, Narrow Salient.

Taken directly from them....

The Reign of Kindo is a band from Buffalo, New York signed to Candyrat Records.

According to the band's Facebook page, the members describe themselves simply as, "makers of music".Their style is altogether jazzier than most bands in the genre, "mixing complex jazz harmonies and dissonances with a Pop music influence. According to the band's recording studio videos, posted on YouTube by rpoland, they incorporate several other instruments in some of their songs, such as the Cello, the Tenor Saxophone, and many forms of auxiliary percussion. Examples of songs with these instruments include "Bullets in The Air", "Hold Out", and "City Lights and Traffic Sounds".

This band is new to us but their fans love these guys. They have a very easy listening feel incorporated with a little bit of rock. The crowd could not get enough...Enjoy!

Overall it was a good night of music...until next time stay tuned