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9.17.12 We made it to Walters to see Skeletonwitch, Havok, Mutilation Rites and our very own Legion.

monkey in glasses smokes  avatarAccording to Axel Rosenberg (pictured left) of MetalSucks -Legion sucks, so does Metavenge, Necrofaith and Carry The Storm. To Axel we send a very warm and heartfelt FUCK YOU! and your opinion.

Go back to reporting on Van Halen Reunions & One (D)Erection for all we care!! Leave our local scene to the people that actually support these bands and enjoy 'em!!.....

Sorry about the rant guys.....ok.

Back to the show review and our very own material we caught on tape. Legion is getting ready to release a new cd title- State Of Decay due out November...look for that. We posted a new song from them on our youtube channel. Click here. Better yet check out our very own material we recorded at the show. Great job guys!! Legion Video.

Mutilation Rites was new to us they are a filthy black metal band from Brooklyn, NY these guys didn't mess around with pathetic pleasantries as to the usual. Their name, song titles, asking the crowd how they are doing. The were so intense the tripped a breaker to the club power source and black out the club and had to be reset (true story). It was fast,brutal, & ugly..NICE!! Mutilation Rites video.

Havok was everything we expected and more. They were great but then again we are bias here...we love Havok!! 30 minute set was too short. Left us wanting more.....Perfect!!

 Havok Video. 


Youtube songs: Time is upD.O.A , From The Cradle To The Grave 


Skeletonwitch was awesome these guys are pros Chance shines on vocals and Evan on bass in holding it down as the anchor...David (Havok's vox,g) was their very own sound guy. Overall we had a great time and glad we made it !! Skeletonwitch video