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The Casualties, In Defense, Goatwhore live in Houston,TX

3.27.13 Fuglymaniacs made it to Fitzgerald's for The Casualties, In Defense, Goatwhore. Havok was suppost to be there also but they cancelled. Dr. told us we were lacking punk music in our diet. Punk (street punk) deficiency syndrome he called it. Holy shit! we though, we better get to a punk show fast. We seen this show in our calender and it was a no brainer...

Needless to say we are glad we made it. In Defence was great - melting your face with styles of hardcore, punk, metal, and crust. Witty and satirical, serious and political, In Defence will have you banging your head in a circle pit in no time and raising your fist.

The Casualties were The Casualties liveexceptional. in fact, we think this is the best show of 2013 so far. Goatwhore sounded generic to us. But maybe the deck was stack against them and they couldn't keep up. Good try though the effort was there.

Note: Their merch was cheap by's $10 and shirts $12 and we found that refreshing. Too many bands want to rip us off nowadays but not these guys and for that we thank them. We got 2 cd's..



The Casualties - My Blood. My Life. Always Forward, Tomorrow Belongs To Us, Constant Struggle 3.27.13 Also:Unknown Soldier

We were expecting The Casualties to start a riot any any second they were that good. Houston's punk scene is NOT dead people. The young crowd was really inspired, energetic and ready for a full frontal assault.

The Casualties- Brick Wall Justice, Fight For Your Life, Unemployed, Resistance, Behind Barbed Wire, Get Off My Back. 

 They had circle pit and wall of death. In Defence was funny yet brutal. They crowd flowed freely thru the stage. They would even encourage the crowd to get on stage and sing as long as it was followed by a stage dive. One young fan even got a treat and stage dive for his first & second time at this show. AWESOME!! try doing that at a metal show......Enough already, see for yourself. Yes! your welcome, enjoy!

In Defense - Reinventing Rob Halford, thrash 'stache/ wall of death, No War But Star Wars, Black Metal Mania 3.27.13 

Other killer videos-  In Defense- The Police Are Fuckin' RadIn Defense - Legocy Of BrutalityIn Defense - Fuck This Shit Lets Circle Pit.

Goatwhore - Judgement Of The Bleeding Crown, To Mourn And Forever Wander Through Forgotten Doorways, An End To Nothing, Apocalyptic Havoc

Goatwhore- Collapse In Eternal Worth, When Steel and Bone Meet, Parasitic Scriptures Of The Sacred Word

Goatwhore - The All-Destroying,Provoking The Ritual Of Death,Carving Out The Eyes Of God

Check your local listing for a tour date near you. As you can see this is one excellent show. We had fun, the crowd had a blast!! If you're lacking punk in your metal music diet? Get you some....