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THY ANTICHRIST  rises in august 1998 in Medellin-Antioquia. Colombia // South America

Initially, the project was called " El Anticristo", based upon the Friedrich Nietzche book "The Antichrist". They play a Tragic Existentialist Black Metal, where dogmas and religions that have enslaved mankind under the mythic shapes of gods are disdained. THY ANTICHRIST represents the first consciousness of man as his own God or Satan "Ad libitum" ...ThyAntichrist

First time in the U.S. and we were lucky enough to catch 'em live. As the curtain opened there was a minor hiccup with their intro but once they got going it was total mayhem.

 We like our black metal with a lot of shedding. With their twin guitars and Andres on vocals they assualt your senses from every angle plus they put on a show and used the lighting to their advantage.....they were AWESOME!! See for yourself. Enjoy!! (sudden end 1st video= dead battery)


Ladies and Gentlemen we give you Thy Antichrist...enjoy!