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March 9, 2013 we made it to the Houston Concert Pub. We wanted to check out the legendary band Y&T. We also wanted to check out a local band Black Queen Speaks they released a record last year titled A Thousand Setting Suns. We had seen the name around town but were not familiar with 'em. We had no idea what to expect which is usually a good thing. First impression are usually a good indicator if a band is good or decent at least. 

This release is fairly new (at least according to the label on the cd 2012) so we decided to give a review. As we like to keep our eyes on our local scene. Black Queen Speaks review here plus, here's some footage.

Black Queen Speaks - DLY, She, Tizon 3.9.13

 Black Queen Speaks - Queso, KFC, Domino 3.9.13

 Back to Y&T, we have several albums from them and we like Black Tiger and Mean Streak. In Rock We Trust is decent but not as rocking in our opinion. Earthshaker and the other stuff is okay too. They are doing a Mean Streak anniversary which means more tracks from that release which is a good thing.

Y&T - Lipstick & Leather, Shine On, Wings Of Change 3.9.13

They played 20 songs, the usual suspects are all there Black Tiger, Lonely Side Of Town, Mean Streak, Dirty Girl, Lipstick and Leather, I'll cry, Summer Time Girls and ForeverRhythm Or Not. etc...

They did skip however Don't Stop Running and Open Firewhich is our all time favorite song. No Open Fire!? We made a sign because we had seen the setlist from their recent shows and we knew they were skipping it. Armed with our sign we shoved it in their face! Dave, John and Brad acknowledged the sign. We were sure they would either add or bypass another song and play Open Fire. To our dissapointment they did not play it. 20 songs and no Open Fire is unacceptable! It's like Iron Maiden skipping The Number of The Beast, Saxon skipping Crusader etc. We tried, but had no luck. Over all it was a good show. Good energy and Dave's voice sounds great still. Their gear is old since Face Melter came out a couple of years ago. We did buy however the Black Queen Speaks cd.