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Arch Enemy's Angela Gossow Talks Vegan With PETA

(NOISECREEP  by Amy Sciarretto)

Angela Gossow, lead throat for Arch Enemy, chatted with peta2 about her lifelong vegetarianism and desire to educate people about the ills of factory farming. Gossow spoke to the animal rights organization about why she chose to take her dietary choices a step further and to ditch eggs and dairy to become a vegan.

"I've always been educating myself," Gossow tokd peta2. "I've been watching all the documentaries about animal transport, what's happening in slaughterhouses. I know everything about the hormones, the antibiotics that you find in meat and milk products. It costs society billions of dollars for health insurance for all their heart problems, blood pressure problems, diabetes 2."


(** Other facts about her: Gossow is among a small number of females to front as a death metal vocalist. She has a mezzo-soprano vocal range, with a death growl.[4] She is a vegan[5] and politically considers herself an anarchist.[6] She is an atheist.[7] Since 2008 she is a manager for Arch Enemy and Spiritual Beggars. **)



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