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The legendary Atheist now and then...

Atheist, a look back at a great band and the rebirth. An interview by that we felt was worth a recap. From the godfather of death Chuck Schuldiner talking shit about them? "We went through a lot of sh** and we took a lot of sh**! I mean, we got booed and shunned, and no one supported us, because everyone thought we sucked."  “You guys aren’t metal enough!”... Metalheads threw dog food at them. Tony Chow now, much to everyone's surprise I'm sure, he's in a Latin singing group, sort of like the Backstreet Boys (ed. note: CRAPPPPP!!!!!). the one and only Roger Patterson!

We had the good fortune to catch Texas Johnny Brown live at the Big Easy and enjoy his music. He will be missed around here. The Houston Press did a good aritcle about the legend...

First, in 2013 steer clear of the infamous Mcrib...Why? you asked, read this article:

I Ate My First McRib, and I Regret It! by Katharine Shilcutt. ....Along with a keen sense of irritation, my curiosity was growing still stronger. If the stupid sandwiches are sold out everywhere, they must be at least decent -- right? People couldn't be buying out the sandwiches if they tasted like Ol' Roy.

Fructose Linked To Overeating, Obesity In New Brain Imaging Study.


Scans showed that drinking glucose "turns off or suppresses the activity of areas of the brain that are critical for reward and desire for food," said one study leader, Yale University endocrinologist Dr. Robert Sherwin. With fructose, "we don't see those changes," he said. "As a result, the desire to eat continues – it isn't turned off."

Digital privacy coming of age By James Temple.

Cases that were decided in court about your digital privacy. After all we love put or personal business online. Ever wonder what Facebook,Google,Instagram all do with your info? Here's a peek!


Inside The Teenage Brain : They're moody. Secretive. Infuriating! Now scientists are starting to figure out why.

FDA panel backs Truvada, first pill to block HIV infection.

Speedy Particles Put Einstein to the Test

An experiment purporting to show that subatomic particles can travel faster than light has scientists' heads spinning. If confirmed, it would undermine key pillars of modern physics.

******This is a great article on the Houston blues scene and the legends that keep it alive! For a limited time only. They won't be around forever so catch 'em while you can. Enjoy!

Old School Blues Scene (HoustonPress)

Musicians in their 70s and 80s are keeping Houston's traditional blues scene real.

By William Michael Smith and Chris Gray Wednesday, Aug 31 2011

Midnight, The Big Easy Social & Pleasure Club, cover charge is five bucks. A blast of heat from the gaggle of horns onstage rushes out of the momentarily open door of the Kirby Drive nightclub, as a writhing mass of sweaty Friday-night humanity works it out on the dance floor. Dressed to the nines, saxophonist Grady Gaines and his band the Texas Upsetters are cooking up some nasty, big-beat blues........