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(Humble, TX ) *Downfall 2012, as the band is currently, was formed in 2007. Danny Gil (Lead Vox, guitar) had a strong break with a previous lineup and was searching for musicians when he contacted Boo Rogers (Bass, vox). They had shared the stage with separate projects in the past and Danny was fascinated with Boo's musical ability and chaotic presence. 


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Together they sought out Casey Bowen a fusion jazz drummer working with various blues and jazz ensembles performing in country clubs at the time. Casey's versatility combined with Boo's talent and energy, all fueled by Danny's drive and direction are what make the one and only Downfall 2012. In the world on this dynamic 3 piece, diversity is an absolute must, as they chime in with hints of hip-hop, punk, and reggae to accompany their strong funk metal appeal. 

The band is also well known for their lengthy percussion breakdowns involving a number of home made percussion instruments, accompanied by congas, jambeau, didgeridoo, and other noisy things! They have recently released an explosive 3 song prelude to an upcoming conceptual series of EPs entitled, "A Look Into Every Man". The album art for each release will feature a new chapter in an ongoing graphic novel epic...(* band's Youtube channel )

This footage is from the HPMA at the Lucky's pub in Houston, TX. In the middle of the video you will witness the lengthy breakdown stated above....

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