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Members : Ruben Elizondo (drums), Dave Herrera (vocals), Danny Hiller (guitar), Mike Hernandez (guitar), Milton Luna (bass)

Originated in Houston, Texas in late 1991, was founded by Ruben Elizondo (percussionist) and Phil Westmoreland (guitarist). They recruited Dave Herrera (vocals), Mark Beecher (bass) and Victor Fernandez (guitarist). With this lineup, the band recorded their first demo CEREMONY OF THE NINE ANGLES in April 1992. IMPRECATION played many local and road shows with the demo being distributed through underground fanzines and radio. After the release of CEREMONY OF THE NINE ANGLES, the band lineup changed with Victor being replaced by adept guitarist, Wes Weaver..... By April 1993, IMPRECATION recorded SIGIL OF BAPHOMET, a 7" 2- song EP, for Spain’s “Drown Productions”. After the release of the EP, Dave Herrera and Phil Westmoreland made the decision to leave the band. Mark Beecher took over as vocalist and long time friend Todd Smith joined the band on guitar..... IMPRECATION recorded another 3 song promo tape in August 1994, which has proven to be their most brutal and heaviest recording yet. All three soundtracks were released on a compilation CD titled THEURGIA GOETIA SUMMA on the Repulse Records label. The compilation CD continued to establish IMPRECATION’s arrangement of dark, black and death metal as a unique and original sound style all their own..... After much frustration without the chance of acquiring a recording contract to release their new music and irreconcilable differences amongst band members, IMPRECATION decides to part ways in 1998. .... Now years later, IMPRECATION is back again ...

Imprecation - Vomit fest 2012 @ White Swan 7.14.12

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1. Emperor of the Infernal Spirits 2. Chapel of Rotting Flesh (2012) 3. Of the Underworld 4. Angel of Salvation's Doom 5. Awakening of Majestic Darkness (Special Thanks to Danny Hiller for the updates..)



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