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Eternal Helcaraxe (Ireland)

Eternal Helcaraxe - Against All Odds

Melodies within a black/viking metal framework, with slight symphonic/folk overtones (not too much, though), Eternal Helcaraxe is a solid proposition, with good arrangements and songs. It is a matter of listening to the songs and hearing where it goes, to places of mood and melody joined, for the listening ear to assemble it in coherence.

Praetorian (guitars, vocals) answers questions about their strong album “Against All Odds.”

At the end of the interview you will find all the contact information about the band.

“Against All Odds” took little time to convince me that it is a good album. How have people in Ireland learned about it?

Thanks. Mostly through word of mouth I'd say, through the internet, too, probably. There was a lot of hype about the album before it's release here in Ireland, because the release "To Whatever End" before it seemed to do pretty well.

What is the story of “One Stands Still Here”? It’s the black metal feeling of the guitar speed/feel and the drumming style, but the melody echoes in the listener’s mind after the song ends. It will probably stay in your live setlist for a while?

“One Stands Still Here” just came together. We've only played one show since the release of "Against All Odds" and it was our second song. Didn't realize it was so popular till we played it to be honest! But it's a funny release, as everyone seems to have a different favourite song, my personal favourite changes depending on my mood.


“As the Snow Gathers” has lyrics that communicate the idea of cold freezing death. You used clean vocals on this one, but you have the sense not to make it a formula for every song. How many vocalists are there on that song?

There are three vocalists on every song on the album. We find that the three vocals can add another dimension to the songs. Thule our bass player does the clean vocal on that song. I think less is more when it comes to this type of music, but if it suits the song, that's all that matters. We always just try to write the best song we can.

Eternal Helcaraxe - Photo

“Shadow of the Wolf” catches the listener’s attention and it is about 4 minutes long, probably the most all-out black metal song. Did you feel that you are becoming too epic and need some balance? Is it closer to your earlier songs? Was your demo “Palest Kingdom” (2008) less multidimensional than “Against All Odds”? Maybe not? I have not heard it yet!

No, didn't really think of the album as a whole when we were writing it, as I said we just wrote one song at a time and try to give each one what we thought it needed. I'm not too sure if our writing style has changed to be honest. We have been playing three of the songs from "Palest Kingdom" in rehearsal because we're re-recording them for a re-release of "To Whatever End" with bonus tracks through Abyss Records. We're re-recording "Burning Light", "Palest Kingdom" and "The Undying Lands". It'll be out next year at some stage. If anything "Palest Kingdom" was probably more epic to be honest, the songs were longer and there was a lot more keyboards on it, too. It was a bedroom recording though so the production really lets it down. 

The song “Against All Odds” could be the love song on the album! The war/blood/sword/wolf imagery on the other songs can come across as macho/nationalistic (and homophobic), but on this one, the lyrics worked out very well for the epic feel.

Yes, it's been described as a love song before which is nice, that's what I was aiming for when I wrote it, homophobic is a new one though! Anyway, I think lyrics have to be honest to have impact and that's just how I was feeling when I wrote them. When I'm writing lyrics I don't think of stupid shit like if they are Black metal or Viking metal enough, mainly because most Black metal lyrics in bands are pretty crap, bar a couple of band like Primordial, 40 Watt Sun/Warning or whatever.

Metal Archives says that both Tyrith and Praetorian play drums on the album and Praetorian does drums, guitars, keyboards and vocals?

No, Tyrith done all the drums. I don't know were they got that from, they should probably do some research into these things! I do guitars, keyboards and a third of the vocals.  

Do all of you live in the same city? Only Praetorian remains from the old days? Was it hard to find like-minded people?

We all live in the same town, yeah. No, myself and Maulgrim (guitars, vocals) have been in the band from the start. Haha, maybe you should do your research, too! Yeah, both of us couldn't find members to work and stick with us until after the "Palest Kingdom" release. But the line-up we have had for the last two releases have been great. We've also started writing the new album, too and it’s really strong.  


What type of childhood did Praetorian have that he learned guitar, drums, keyboards and vocals? “Drums” does not mean “drum machine programming” in this case, does it? By the way, what is “Éadóchas”?

I just loved music when I was younger. Still do. Yeah, I programmed the drums for the first release, badly. “Éadóchas” is an ambient side project I do. First release "Beneath The Lonely Mountain" is out on Sword Production. (http://www.sword.pt.vu/)  Any one interested, check it out. http://www.reverbnation.com/eadochas  http://www.myspace.com/eadochas


New album "Against All Odds" is available from:  www.officialabyssrecords.com 









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