Satire stories about an artist or bands. Just plain fugly stories!

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**Issues 1-14 are here...Enjoy!**


Issue #14
Reviews: Deathspell Omega, Def Leppard, Disturbed, Guns n Roses, Name in Vain, Northern Kings,
Obtest, III Sovereign, Watain

Issue #13
Reviews: Abigail Williams, AC/DC, Amon Amarth, Belphegor,B lastmastersC, ircus Maximus, Diabolic,
Dimension, Falconer, Iced Earth, Impiety, In Aeternurn, Keep of Kalessin, Krisiun, Metallica, Nation Beyond,
Omnium Gatherum, Opeth, Origin, Pathosray, Pessimist, Phazm, Satariel, Slipknot, Suspyre, Xystus

Issue #12
God Forbid, Heart of Sun, Judas Priest, Kreator, Saint, Sodom 
Issue #11
Astarte, The Batallion ,Dark Suns, Dismember, Enemy of theSun,
Nifelheim, The Profane, Sculptured, Spheric Universe Experience, Virgin Black, 
Mister Bones 
Issue #10
Abolisher, Almah, Benighted,Dirge, Giaias Pendulum,Gutworm, Kotipelto, My
Own Grave, Hearts andShadows, Nex ,Nominon, Scelerata
Issue #9 
Acrid Semblance, Inhume,
Abolisher (part 1), Canvas Solaris,
Atheist (must readpart 2 )

Issue #8 
interviews :
Detonation, Black Horizons,
Vehementern Nos, Atheist (must read pt.1)

Issue #7
Interviews: Misery Ind€X, Creative Waste,
OblomoV, Crown the Lost
Reptilian Death

Reviews: Beloved Enemy, Blut Aus
Nord, Feast Eternal , Goathemy,
Haterush, ,Master ,

Issue #6
Interviews: Demonic Resurrection, Narsil,
Exhumatiotr, Wuthering Heights,
Reviews: Fairytale Abuse, Furze, Mnemic, Masacre, Occidens, Thy endless wrath, etc 

Issue #5
Interviews: Thesyre, The Accursed, and
Shadow Demon

Reviews: Aborted, Atrocity, Downlord, Ektomorf,
Event Horizo, Raise Hell, Rhapsody of fire, Therion

Issue #4
Interviews: Amon Amarth, Angra, Bavmorda, Crisis de fe, Twisted ino form,
Zero hour

Reviews: Beyond The Twilight, End of Destiny,
Harkonin, I, Infliction, Necrodemon, Mournblade, Pacto de sangre,
The 69 eyes.

Issue #3
Interviews: Abominant,
Primitive Graven Imaqe, Prototype,
Throneum, Wastefall

Issue #2
Interviews: Avian,
Katagory V. Scorched Eafth. Sieqe of

This is where the mayhem started, see for yourself!

Issue #1 
Interviews: Pentacle. The Mutder Squad, t.o. and Underthreat.