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*NEW Metal Bulletin #30*

Metal Church (1984) - This self title release is one for the ages. While there were several great releases during this time. This is the genuine article.


It has thrash, speed and power with clean vocal and a killer cover "Highway Star" by Deep purple of course....only better in my opinion. It's 42:00 minutes long so in won't tie you up for long. A heavy metal classic album.

Our rating 10/10.





There are several excellent metal releases that are in danger of being forgotten. This is one of them...Don't let it go extinct/ into heavy metal black hole.



Some of their most notable songs are the opener, "Beyond The Black"; their title track; the instrumental "Merciless Onslaught"; "Gods Of Wrath" (which is different from all the other songs, as it had clean vocals, clean rhythms, and fluent solos); and the Deep Purple cover "Highway Star". The first European vinyl edition also contained a bonus track, "Big Guns". This bonus track is now available to download from Metal Church's official website.


We could go on and on about this release but really the proof is in the puddin' so check it for yourself...





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