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FuglySpin** Breaking News:MMB is reporting ...RUN DMC teams up with Justin Timberlake and Myspace for a black metal album? He reports it's tricky...... MMB has an update on Testament's NEW album also MMB has a special report: Frontman David Draiman of rock band Disturbed stands for justice...


Jordan Tydings, Idiginis, Dem (2016)


3.5.2016 Tax the Wolf 




Breaking News: MMB is reporting Tom Araya may be joining forces with the Sweet brothers to form a megachurch touring band call HELL AWAITS?....


A night with The Unconvicted, Bayou Vimana, Poor Dumb Bastards. 7.8.2016


War Remnants as they Celebrates 30 Years of Trendkilling Thrash, Except for the Times They Split after Jumping on a Few Trends


July 1, 2016 We heard Mark May and The Soul Satyr Horns were in town to celebrate their NEW CD titled "Blues Heaven" release at Shakespeare's pub..





***Our Local Band of the Year (2012)- Cassette Tape***


11.3.12 we made it to the BFE Destroying Texas Fest 7


11.3.12 Thy Antichrist live at BFE for the first time in U.S ..


 10-4-13 Dead To The World, Blackmarket Syndicate.


10.9.13 We made it to Fitzgerald's to check out Dying Fetus, Exhumed and Waking the Cadaver.


Battle of the bands at Fitzgerald's!!


Scale The Summit & The Reign of Kindo.


1.18.14 HRA, Oath of Cruelty, Hel-Razor at Rudyard's


2.2.14 Fuglmanics made it to Fitzgerald's. Toxic Holocaust,Exhumed, Mammoth Grinder and Ramming Speed.


7.12.13 Mugen Hoso, The Swingin' Dicks, The Guillotines.


7.13.13 We made it to Fitzgerald's to see Cassette Tape. This is the first show we see them with a more.


6.28.13 Houston's own Elder Gods and Burial Shroud from San Antonio live at The White Swan.

6.25.13 Within The Ruins (Mas

s) , Abiotic (Fla) and Houston's own An Oath of Misdirection.


6.22.13 Cassette Tape live at Brewskis Pub.


5.4.13 Apocalyptic, Headcrusher(Colombia), Dimension, Eldritch(Italy) live at BFE rock club Houston,TX.


5.11.13 Houston's VENOMOUS MAXIMUS , WARBEAST, Orthodox Fuzz & Santus Bellum . This inaugural Bayou Doom Fest I was held at Fitzgerald’s in Houston, TX.


4.15.13 we made it to Scout Bar to check out one of our favorite band Cassette Tape and the mighty Metalachi.


3.27.13 The Casualties, In Defense, Goatwhore live in Houston,TX


3.9.13 we made it to the Houston Concert Pub. We wanted to check out the legendary band Y&T. We also wanted to check out a local band Black Queen Speaks they released a record last year titled A Thousand Setting Suns.....




10.29.2012 We made it to Building Temples From Death Festival II at Fitzgerald's in Houston,TX 2012.


9.17.12 We made it to Walters to see Skeletonwitch, Havok, Mutilation Rites and our very own Legion.


**UPDATE** We caught up with Cassette Tape at the Last Concert Cafe 1.26.13 got more footage and an update from them. Cassette Tape live is an experience and we added a clip. See for yourself and enjoy!! more.


2 our favorite bands: Insecticide and Hod live footage.


Thy Antichrist and Hellgoat live footage from the  Destroyin


g Texas Fest 7. (11.3.12 Houston,Texas)


We made it to the Warehouse Live to check out some local talent. We managed to get footage from all these bands and also posted some material on our Youtube channel...First we found:


20/20 (Freeport) 5 piece band with a Alt/Prog/Rock sound. A lot work goes into their sound. Different arrangements and tempos incorporated. Check 'em out...


Brompton (Katy) 3 piece band with a Alt/Rock/Progressive feel to them. These guys have potential and have their own niche. an EP in the works keep your eyes open for that. Check 'em out for yourself..


Metavenge (Houston) is 4 piece band with a sharp razor's edge old school Thrash/Speed sound to them. These guys are the youngest of the bunch. No complicated arrangements or long 10 min songs here. They got up there took their instrument and starting jammin' and they were actually having fun. Great job! Keep your eyes on these guys.


Serpent Attack (Magnolia) 4-piece band straight of southeast side these guys have been around for a lil' while. Their sound is Thrash/Speed metal . They had the youngest fan in the crowd and was lovin' these guys. Never to young to introduce 'em metal as far as we're concern. Check out the footage and see just how young she was....Here they come and they want to tear sh*t up. look out!


Last but NOT least is Metalloyd - 4 piece band from Houston. These guys have been around and it shows on their live show. With their sharp lethal twin guitar leads and thundering bass holdin' down the anchor. This is metal at its best. They are great!! See for yourself...enjoy!!


Metal Church delivers perfection.


Arch enemy goes vegan? Maybe we can learn a thing or two from them?


How does a band get robbed & stranded by their own tour bus driver? To San Antonio, Texas. We go and ask...


Downfall 2012 is nominated for best metal band in town so wanted to see what all buzz is about?  In the world on this dynamic 3 piece, diversity is an absolute must.....


***( Updated w/ video) VENOMOUS MAXIMUS was just voted best Houston heavy metal band 2012.


Burzum's Varg Vikernes gained infamy in the early 1990s for killing guitarist Øystein Aarseth and torching several churches. He’s a free man today...