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Hate - Solarflesh 7/10

Vocalist/guitarist ATF Sinner, guitarist Destroyer, bassist Mortifer, and Hexen on drums 

Hate is a blackend death metal band. Founded in 1990 in Warsaw, Poland.  After over 20 years in the black/death metal scene. Hate delivers with a solid release this year. Its been 3 yrs. since their last cd, so fans have been waiting patienly for a while now...

We caught up with them 12.5.11 and got some footage, check it out.

The albums Starts off with an atmospheric intro complete with ritualistic chanting and chilling sound effects. You can tell instantly that “Solarflesh” style as well as substance and isn’t going to rely solely on brutality to get the job done. It is however too long for an intro clocking in at over 3:00 minutes long.

Hate has replaced that gelid, buzzing tone with something thick and muscular, along with more aggressive drumming. While we feel this a good effort we are not happy with the drums sound. They have a very plastic, trigger happy feel to them.

"Endless Purity" and is the lowest point for this release. It has a very slow pace with brutal vocal and repetitive riff. "Mesmerized" has a  haunting enchanting female wails in the background with the keyboards setting the mood. At first listen, song didn't impress but it grew on us after a few spins. Still, a decent song at best. Our cd came with 3 bonus track and we were happy about that. 9 songs seems short for a albums that has taken this long to make!!

"Festival of Slaves," for example has opening of tribal and epic loud whispers leading into a torrential outpouring of caustic intensity,  keyboards give the record a grandiose atmospheric feel that is not typically displayed in death metal. "Sadness Will Last Forever" is the highlight of Solarflesh, a vast and pummelling number with a stomping, grinding pace and vibrant solo work.

The title track is a brutal song with a haunting intro and solid drum beat that takes the lead before going into a blast beat after the guitar leads kick in at a frantic pace. Just when you think they are slowing down for a solo guess again. Solarflesh is a great song with different tempos and brutal death metal vocals. Solarflesh,  seems to have taken them in a different path . Hate has the skills and energy to pull this off and they have done a good job.

In conclusion, Hate fans will be pleased and will find this was well worth the wait. 2013 promises to take Hate to a whole new level.



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