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Hatebreed - ‘THE DIVINITY OF PURPOSE’ label: Razor & Tie 5.0/10

Current members

Hatebreed has just released a new album in four years. This band has a large following in the hardcore/metalcore genre, apparently. Here is what other outlets are saying about this album. So if your a Hatebreed fan you will be pleased.

“Breathless…F****** powerful like a war machine… Hatebreed have re-defined the whole genre of hardcore/ metal with their new album…” -Metal Hammer

“It’s very mosh ‘n’ stomp, Hatebreed style. It’s brain-busting burst of mosh-worthy hardcore.” – 10 Metal Albums to Check Out This Winter – AOL Noisecreep

Hatebreed have been spreading metalcore around the world since 1994. The band has had a long career with many line-up changes, but manages to keep their sound, lead by Jamey Jasta. Jasta and crew are back and have provided the listener with a new album consisting of 12 new tracks. He states that this album is  “all pit, no shit.”

The Divinity of Purpose is the sixth studio album from Hatebreed, The first track is called “Put it To the Torch,” and this song has a thrash influences. The next track on the album is “Honor Never Dies,” and with lyrics on this one as Jasta says “When your heart is questioned/When your beliefs are tested/Sometimes standing for what you believe/ Means standing alone.” Third track "Own Your World" lyrics ask? ..Who's got more heart than you? No one. Fists up, head high! We own the fucking world tonight. Fists up, head high! One flame can light a million.

Well you get the point, Here's what we think. We think this release is more of the same. Nothing new or original. We like the energy but the vocals are lame and lyric are inmature. Lots of breakdowns and shouting. We know we are in the minority here but Hatebreed doesn't impress us one bit. All in all, if you like Hatebreed you will like this album. As for us we'll pass on this.



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