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VOIVOD - TARGET EARTH / Century Media 8.5/10

Current lineup of Snake(vocals), Chewy (guitar), Blacky (bass) and Away (drums).

VOIVOD - Target Earth

Voivod. It's a legendary band that hit the metal scene back in the early 80's. Their musical style has changed several times since the band's origin in the early 1980s. Starting out as a speed metal band, they added a mix of progressive metal and thrash metal to create their own unique metal style.

There are two types of Voivod fans right now. The ones that think they should call it a day and they ones that wonder if they can continue and maintain their sound.

How dare they carry on without "Piggy"? You might be asking. What is their motivation, money? surely has to be money, right? First of all, relax take a deep breath and rest assure these guys are not going to waste your time and money with this release. In fact this is a great album. Calm down YES, we said great ....How can they be great without "Piggy" you ask? No way! you say.

Target Earth is Voivod's 13th studio album: 10 songs 57 minutes, which largely marks the new beginning for the band. The time came to move on with fresh stuff and new guitar player.

(Classic lineup -Away,Piggy,Blacky & Snake)

With help of staple faces of Snake, Blacky and Away they decided to go with a fellow Canadian Daniel "Chewy" Mongrain. Dan Mongrain teaches jazz and pop guitar at the Cégep régional de Lanaudière, Joliette Campus. Not only is he one very suitable replacement guitar player of fellow Canadian tech death monsters Martyr who is self proclaimed die hard Voivod fan (his first metal album was Killing Technology so go figure). He joined back in '08 so he's had plenty of time to acquire and master the sound.

Still we wondered, since we know how much Piggy meant to this band – I mean, Dan knows his chops but can he get the vibe? As soon as title track kicked in my fear slowly began to shatter as that number sounds like it was ripped of straight from Nothingface period, the next one Kluskap O'Kom is more thrashier and simpler for Voivod standards but from that the album goes into fully proggy thrash territories that this band is so well known for.

Voivod is the epitome of love or hate band, you either love this guys or hate their guts there is no middle ground in our opion. Target Earth is the epitome for this claim which is good as it proves that Voivod have been doing their craft long enough to know what they are doing and how to accomplished it. Chewy has also proven that he is more than worthy Piggy's apprentice – he has gotten into his style and it is clear that his work on Target Earth is done in total admiration for late man's ingenious style. Voivod are back, rejuvenated and back on track. So stop second guessing yourself and this band. Take it from us this is well worth your time and money. This album is great. If you like Voivod get it. If you hate them go away!

Voivod have been everywhere and done everything. From ultra raw beginnings to changing the face of metal, major labels to small clubs, death of the founding member. These band deserves your support and they have delivered!



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