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Severance- The Truth in Question (2011)  


Although Severance had worked with Sevared Records out of New York on previous other releases, this was the band's first work with Sevared on a brand new, full-length album featuring completely new material. This album was released in early 2011 and self-recorded at vocalist, Mike Mena's house, hence the naming of the recording facility as the MENAce Studio. Mastering and post-production work was handled once again by Ernie B., who had worked with all of Severance's previous CD releases. The cover was done by legendary metal artist, S.V. Bell. Mr. Bell has bestowed the metal community with his CD artwork on bands such as Amorphis, Kataklysm, Gutted, and several more. Having since gone into horror/gore film production and no longer dabbling with CD artwork, S.V. graciously offered his services to Severance for one more artwork offering--the cover of The Truth in Question is the result. This album was recorded as a quartet and marked the first time Severance had recorded anything with only 4 members. Original guitarist, Ralph Gutierrez, left the band before a few of the songs from TTIQ were complete. This album includes 9 new tracks, one of which is an instrumental interlude constructed and performed by Severance guitarist, Joe Dan. As with ourSuffering in Humanity release, Severance paid homage to one of its many influences by covering a song by Brazilian Thrash Metal Giants, Atomica. Our Brazilian brothers kindly allowed us to perform a medley of two of their songs, Marching Over Blood/Samurai. New material is already being worked on, and hopefully it won't take another 5 years to release the next album. JP

Severance live at White swan 4.21.12

Beyond Barriers, Stripper of Innocence, Painfully Reborn, Forseen Emptiness....

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