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It turns out that the Decibel Magazine Tour hasn’t been all fun and games for The Devil’s Blood. After their show in San Antonio, TX last night (April 29), the group were reportedly robbed and stranded by their driver on the tour. And you better believe that The Devil’s Blood is out for blood.

In addition to posting a scan of the driver’s license and personal information, The Devil’s Blood had the following to say:

“The Devil’s Blood hereby declare never-ending and total war upon the following individual; David ‘Ape’ Zoglio.

This piece of shit who was supposed to have been our driver on the US tour ran off with our money after the San Antonio Ritual last night. After being told what to do for the 1000th time and still having no clue how to ride a bus, this ‘Ape,’ as he calls himself, unable to deal with the criticism any longer ran off into down-town San Antonio and left us stranded on an intersection forcing our Tour Manager to take over the wheel. This little rat scurried off so fast that attempts to find, catch and kill it were immediately unsuccessful.”

After sharing his personal information, the group wrapped things up by saying “As for you, David, you little cunt; rest assured that one day we will meet again. A curse upon your house until the day comes that my blade is on your throat.” Meanwhile, “Ape” the driver seems to have responded to the incident via his own Twitter account, saying “Everything’s bigger in Texas, including ones actions.”

If The Devil’s Blood did indeed get ripped off by said driver, then they have to right to be extremely pissed. It always sucks to hear when bands get robbed while on the road, let alone by people and crew members they thought they could “trust.” Fortunately, The Devil’s Blood will still be able to move forward on the tour.




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