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The Mission cover art

Update 8/6/12 Just got back from HPMA show at the Warehouse live in Houston,Tx.

These guys went into beastmode! They totally rocked the place and showcased their potential. Once again they sounded even better than the last time. Great job guys!!

Stay tuned for NEW Live footage.....

Venomous Maximus is a band that's been around a couple of years now.  VENOMOUS MAXIMUS is Gregg Higgins (Vocals, Guitar), Christian Larson (Guitar), Trevi Biles (Bass) and Bongo (Drums

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“If you like it seriously hard and frighteningly heavy, you gotta check this Houston collective out. Doom, mixed with a down and heavy stoner vibe, but amped up with the dynamics of straight, kick-ass thrash… It’s seriously heavy and seriously good.” – RIPPLE MUSIC

see for yourself... Venomous Maximus - Moonchild Venomous maximus- The mission


Yes, It's a different sound not straight thrash,speed,doom,stoner etc. Labels, everyone wants to label these guys but it just good music with a brutal sound.

Over the years we seen local bands struggle to keep it together. Lineup changes or too busy trying to keep an image. The don't measure up. These guys are older all have real jobs and take their craft seriously. Seen them numerous times and they always manage to sound tighter. Exactly, how often you see a band you can say about.

These guys are for real and make their cheddar live. Their recordings haven't done these guys justice yet. Maybe it's a budget issue,producer,engineer etc...At any rate check them out..



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